The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 405

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 405 – Within two rings, a cool and detached female voice came through. “Who is this?”

“Are you Ms. Stanton? I’m Toto, the new butler in Imperial Gardens. I accidentally messed up your cosmetics when I was cleaning your room earlier. Mr. Ferguson said to throw them all away and buy new ones, but I don’t understand the words on the bottles…”

Toto’s tone was quite aggrieved. Nicole’s cold and stern voice interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

“Don’t throw them away! I’ll go back right now. I’ll k**l you if you dare to throw my things!”

Eric, who was in the study, frowned deeply. He heard the voice outside the door loud and clear.

‘That simple?!’

Nicole was not short of money or luxury items. Her cosmetics were all high-end formulas specially customized according to her skin and cost seven digits. Where would they buy new ones for her?

‘Those two stupid men!’

Nicole forgot that she did not want to go back to Imperial Gardens. All she wanted was to rush back and check on her cosmetics.

She took her purse and returned to Imperial Gardens with Luca.

Nicole stopped for a few seconds at the door.

The place where Quinn bled profusely earlier when she left was spotless.

It was as if that episode never happened at all.

As long as they did not cause trouble for her, Nicole did not intend to pursue it.

After all, Eric saved her so many times. If she insisted on this, the Fergusons would not be very happy either.

The door suddenly opened. A fat, round man ran out and came up to Nicole while panting heavily.

“Ms. Stanton?”

His eyes squinted as he smiled. “I’m Toto, the new butler. You’re so beautiful! You’re even prettier than those celebrities. Your beauty is in a league of its own and simply beyond description…”

Nicole stood there, frozen. A person with perfect manners and courtesy like her did not know how to act when she was praised by the fat man out of the blue.

Behind her, Luca finally grew impatient. “Are you done?”

“Oh my! You must be Ms. Stanton’s bodyguard. You really fit the role so well! Your aura is much stronger than ordinary people. I heard that you’ve won the national championship several times. Gosh, you’re so amazing…”

Luca was speechless.

Nicole laughed out loud. “Where did Mr. Ferguson find a butler like you? You’re also in a league of your own…”

Then, Nicole strode inside.

Her ears almost fell off from all the compliments he fed her.

Nicole saw Eric sitting in the living room, looking at documents. His eyes were as cold and calm as always.

Hearing the footsteps, Eric’s eyebrows twitched slightly. He quietly looked up at her. The corners of his lips curled up into a gentle smile.

“You’re back?”

Nicole frowned. ‘How could he act as if nothing had happened?’

Before she could speak, Eric preemptively explained.

“The nanny has already been sent away and will never appear in front of you again. As for my mother… I’m really sorry, but she’s my mother after all. The doctor said that she might have some mental illness, so I’ll send her to a sanatorium to recuperate after she gets better. The same thing will never happen again.”

His voice was low and apologetic.

Under his cold complexion was a hint of tension that could not be concealed no matter how hard he tried.

That was because Quinn was the person who gave birth to him. Out of ethics and morality, Eric could not drive her out as he did to others.

What he could do was to make sure that Quinn would never appear in front of Nicole again.

The seconds ticked by. It was just a few seconds, but it felt like a few centuries had passed.

Nicole chuckled softly. “You’re very pragmatic, Mr. Ferguson. Aren’t you going to blame me for speaking out of turn, which in turn provoked her?”

Eric’s lips pulled in self-deprecation. “What you said were facts.”

He did not have any reason to blame Nicole.

Nicole lowered her eyes and smiled faintly. “Since it’s all in the past, I won’t hold her responsible. Let bygones be bygones.”

Eric snapped his head up. There seemed to be a dim light flashing in his eyes.

He did not expect Nicole to let this go so easily. Behind them, Toto excitedly came forward and clapped his hands.

“Oh my! Such a good thing calls for a celebration! I just made some stew that’s delicious and low in calories. Would you like to try some?”


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