The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 394

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 394 – Lucy was shocked and frightened by the fierce Luca and subconsciously took a step backward.

“W-Who are you?!”

Luca had no intention of introducing himself. He pushed the door open and cleared the way for Nicole as he said in a gruff and loud voice, “Miss, after you…”

Nicole walked in expressionlessly without the intention to reminisce with the nanny.

After all, Lucy was just a spy for the Fergusons.

Nicole ignored the nanny’s shocked and nervous eyes and strutted inside.

The sound of her high heels against the hardwood floor was crisp and pleasant. As soon as she entered the living room, she saw Eric sitting in a wheelchair in light gray loungewear, His face still had a sickly pallor, and his facial lines were cold and defined.

His right leg was wrapped in a cast, which made him look weak, The cold and stern aura around him was not as aggressive as usual.

The moment he saw Nicole enter, his eyes lit up, He clutched the sides of his wheelchair.

Even his voice became gentle and restrained. “Nicole, you’re finally back…”

The corners of Nicole’s lips curled slightly as she casually swept a glance around. Her face stiffened for a moment.

The furniture and decor were the same as when she left.

It was also spotless.

Nicole averted her gaze and narrowed her eyes.

“I’ll take my stuff to the guest room first.”

With that, she turned around and told Luca to go upstairs.

“Let Lucy do that.”

Eric frowned. How could Nicole unpack by herself? His sharp eyes swept over to Lucy, who was standing at the side looking dumbfounded.

Lucy shuddered and quickly went over to take the suitcase from Luca.

“I’ll do it, Madam. Your room has been cleaned, and nothing inside has changed.”

Luca dodged the nanny and did not let her touch the suitcase. His fierce face had a hint of warning.

The nanny retracted her hand and subconsciously looked at Nicole.

However, Nicole did not even look at her. She just cast a sidelong glance at Eric.

“What does that mean?”

He wanted her to sleep in her old room?

Eric pursed his lips and said with gentle eyes, “There wasn’t time to clean up the guest room, and there are too many of your belongings in your old room, so it’s inconvenient to move them…”

Nicole did not want to argue over a room, In any case, she would only be sleeping here for a few months.

She raised her brows, “Fine.”

Her easy concession brightened up Eric’s mood significantly, A light-hearted smile was plastered on his face.

Nicole went upstairs, followed by Luca.

Lucy spoke hesitantly, “Madam…”

Nicole stopped in her tracks. When she turned around, her eyes were cold and indifferent.

“Eric Ferguson, I hope that you’ll get your employees in line. I came here on grounds of mutual respect and a little guilt. If anyone dares to overstep the mark again, you’ll just have to admit your loss…”

‘Madam? Who the h**l wants to be the Madam of this house?!’

Nicole would not allow them to cross the line repeatedly.

Although these words were not addressed to Lucy, it was like a fierce slap on Lucy’s face. Nicole’s words were like a sharp knife, cold and merciless.

The tenderness on Eric’s face faded a little, but he quickly recovered and smiled as if nothing happened.

“Alright.” His voice was soft and pleasant.

The moment Nicole turned around, Eric’s gloomy gaze swept over to Lucy.

It was even more chilling than Nicole’s words earlier.

Lucy stood there trembling with fear. ‘What did I say wrong? Nicole used to love when people called her Madam in the past…’

Since no one in the Ferguson household respected Nicole in the past, Lucy used to call her “Ms. Nicole”.

For that reason, Nicole had a big fight with her, saying that Lucy was disrespectful.

Thus, Lucy reluctantly called her “Madam” afterward.


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