The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 379

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 379 – This memory was buried deep in Nicole’s heart She dared not even remember it for fear of touching her heart that once throbbed for that man, She was afraid that she would be soft-hearted and fall head over heels for him again.

Nicole did not know who captured the moment she pounced on the little boy.

The smell of gunpowder seemed to linger around her. It was chilling and frightening.

Clayton Sloan’s sudden laughter pulled Nicole out of her memories.

Her eyes were slightly moist. As soon as she looked up, she met Eric Ferguson’s deep gaze.

His eyes felt like a whirlpool that wanted to s**k her in.

Nicole looked at Eric’s expression and felt her heart skip a beat.

The bloodied manly face in Nicole’s memory overlapped with Eric’s face at this time, so distinct and handsome.

His features were so deep and exquisite, like a perfect sculpture.

The photo in Eric’s hand was the moment when he jumped on Nicole.

The light and shadows overlapped as gunpowder and smoke filled the air.

His figure was equally determined as Nicole’s.

Nicole did not want him to know about this, but now, she could no longer hide it.

Although they both looked very wretched, their features were clear in the shot.

The little boy who Nicole protected was Lil Michael.

Michael still had the same blonde curly hair and delicate features that did not change too much in the past three years of growth.

Back then, Lil Michael got a good look at the pretty lady who pounced on him, just as how Nicole focused on Eric, who had lunged at her.

Clayton coughed slightly, “Sorry, Mr. Ferguson. I’ve known about your identity, so you were my first choice this time, I haven’t been able to find out the true identity of Ms. Stanton back then. After returning to Mediania this time, my son accidentally met her, so I looked into it. You’re both his lifesavers, but more so, I want to repay Ms. Stanton, who jumped on Michael first, because if not for her, Michael would’ve…”

He shrugged his shoulders and seemed reluctant to mention that incident, His eyes concealed some grief, but he still flashed an indifferent smile.

“My wife wasn’t as lucky as Michael, She was in the car when it exploded.”

Nicole’s heart sank slightly and was a little shocked.

Finally, the mystery Nicole was curious about before had an answer.

Clayton smiled and continued, “Mr. Ferguson, I hope that you won’t mind my decision to choose Stanton Corporation.”

Eric’s voice was low and hoarse.

“Of course not.”

Eric was immersed in the dim light, looking cold and noble with a clear and restrained austerity.

When he looked at Nicole, dark currents surged in his eyes. He felt a little regret, surprised, and shocked when he found out about this incident he was clueless about.

If only he had recognized her earlier.

They would not have missed out on so much.

It turned out that they had met even before Nicole brought him out of the underground fight club.

Nicole had been the most conscious person among them. She liked him and left him as she pleased, yet he was kept in the dark about everything.

He should have known!

Eric’s mood was indescribable at this moment.

Clayton felt the tension between these two people and smiled at Nicole.

“Ms. Stanton, you won’t blame me for bringing up this matter so hastily, right?”

Nicole smiled. “How could I? It’s a fact,”

Since it was a fact, it would surface sooner or later.

She admitted that this was her initial encounter with Eric.

It was also the first time her heart was moved.

After dinner, Clayton sent Nicole and Eric to the entrance.

Lil Michael hurriedly ran down from upstairs and hugged Nicole’s leg tightly, refusing to let go.

“Pretty Ladyl Stay here tonight, I wanna s********h you…”


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