The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 374

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 374 – The butler at the back shook fiercely, but it was already too late.

He had almost forgotten that this young master was not an easy child to fool!

What a nuisance!

Christian Jenner urged the butler on the side. “Let’s go in quickly! We can’t let Nicole get to it first! How did she show up here so suddenly?”

The butler gritted his teeth and could only take them in first.

Every staff member working for Clayton Sloan knew the butler, so when he led the two strangers, not even an invitation was needed.

The waiter who had not left yet paused for a while.

“Mr. Sloan only said to invite Young Master and Ms. Stanton inside, He didn’t mention anyone else.”

The butler’s face changed slightly.

“Nonsense! I’m the butler of this family! Mr. Sloan won’t blame me, I’ll take the blame if anything happens.”

The butler then led Christian and Xion Jenner inside.

The banquet hall was lavishly decorated. The standard hotel’s furnishings were all replaced with the highest quality furnishings for this private banquet. It could be seen that Clayton Sloan put a lot of effort into this.

When Eric saw Nicole walking in holding that little boy’s hand, he paused for a moment.

He was very surprised.

The car he had originally sent to pick up Nicole must have run empty because she was already here.

Somehow, Eric was relieved to see her here and was vaguely delighted. ‘Indeed… My girl never admits defeat… She’ll always find a way to come in properly.’

Nicole froze for a moment when she saw Eric, then looked away and pretended not to see him.

Eric noticed this and was a little speechless.

Lil Michael excitedly pulled Nicole’s hand and ran over.

“Daddy, I brought Pretty Lady here!”

The four people present were all big shots in the industry. They were slightly surprised to see Nicole and had a hint of amazement in their eyes, especially Eric.

After all, Nicole always attended such public occasions and wore many high- fashion dresses that were vibrant, stunning, and impeccable.

It was like she was born to live in the spotlight.

However, Nicole’s gown today was simple yet so elegant and befitting. Her waist was outlined perfectly, and the dress made her look like a soft beauty. Eric even had the thought of hiding her for his selfish reasons.

Clayton Sloan looked cold. When he saw Nicole’s gown, he was stunned for a split second. However, he stood up as if nothing happened and shook hands with her courteously.

“Welcome, Ms. Stanton. You’re my honored guest.”

Everyone immediately stood up, shook hands, and exchanged pleasantries with Nicole.

They all thought that Stanton Corporation was out of the game, but they did not expect the CEO to show up at the last minute.

Nicole chuckled. “Mr. Sloan, it’s a pleasure to see you again…”

Clayton let out a low chuckle and helplessly glanced at the beaming little boy next to Nicole.

“Did this little rascal bother you much in the past few days?”

Nicole stroked Lil Michael’s head. “Of course not! Michael is so cute that our whole family adores him.”

Lil Michael raised his chin proudly and hugged Nicole, refusing to let go. He smiled with squinted eyes and looked well-behaved.

“I adore you too, Pretty Lady!”

This boy would confess his love to Nicole every chance he gets!

Eric’s eyes sank as he glanced at Clayton Sloan and that brat.

Surprisingly, they look extraordinarily harmonious.

Eric suddenly had an impulse to take Nicole away.

Everyone laughed. Suddenly, the butler walked over respectfully.

He took a glance at Nicole and quickly withdrew his gaze as if he was avoiding her.

“Mr. Sloan, there’s something…”

The butler stopped mid-sentence.

Clayton did not miss the butler’s fleeting and dodging gaze.

He lowered his eyes slightly and looked back at the crowd.

“Please excuse me for a moment. I’ll be right back. Make yourselves comfortable…”

Nicole breathed a sigh of relief and was Nicole breathed a sigh of relief and was extremely happy. Who knew that the little boy she had accidentally met at the amusement park would turn out to be Clayton Sloan’s son?

How else could she have attended this dinner?

Eric stepped forward. His mellow and magnetic voice came from behind Nicole.

“You met him before, huh? When was the first time?”


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