The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 373

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 373 – Lil Michael blushed shyly and lowered his head as the two of them walked to the entrance of the banquet hall.

The atmosphere inside was quiet and elegant. At a glance, Nicole knew that this was no ordinary party.

In particular, she seemed to have noticed Eric Ferguson from a distance.

Nicole paused in her footsteps. Her expression changed slightly.

Lil Michael saw Nicole’s stagnant smile and asked, “Pretty Lady, why aren’t you going in? My daddy’s waiting for us inside….”

Nicole frowned for a moment.

Her hand that was holding Lil Michael tightened.

“Your daddy… What’s his name?”

Lil Michael was just about to reply when an older man came up behind them with two other men.

“Who are you?” That middle-aged man’s voice was loud.

Nicole turned around. The man scrutinized the gown that Nicole was wearing and seemed to look a little angry.

“How did you steal the master’s gown? Who are you? Gold-diggers are not welcomed here! Get out!”

Besides feeling a little baffled, Nicole was infuriated for being reprimanded by a strange man.

It was not until she saw the two men following behind this middle-aged man that she had an inkling of what this was.

The two men behind that middle-aged man were Christian and Xion Jenner.

When they saw her, they were equally stunned.


Nicole had an intuition that this party Lil Michael had invited her to was more than a kid’s party!

‘Could it be…’

Lil Michael stood in front of Nicole protectively. His tone was cold as he glared at the middle-aged man.

“You’re not allowed to be rude to my guest!”

Although Michael was young, when he said this, he really resembled his father.

The butler’s gaze flinched a little as if he had some concerns.

He gritted his teeth and glanced at Michael.

“Young Master, how can you casually invite guests to this kind of occasion? This is not a place where any rando can come!”

Nicole sneered. “Who are you calling a rando?”

She was direct. After all, she did not have the habit of putting up with others’ c**p!

The middle-aged man was stunned and was about to rebuke her when Christian Jenner hastily tugged his arm from behind.

Christian introduced Nicole. “This is Stanton Corporation’s CEO, Nicole Stanton.”

The middle-aged man was stunned and looked at Nicole with surprise.

Nicole’s gaze was calm as she sized him up and said in an indifferent tone, “It looks like you’re not the master either. Where did a servant like you get his attitude from?”

Although the middle-aged man was Clayton Sloan’s butler, he dared not offend these powerful people.

When he heard Nicole’s harsh words, he could only endure them with a bitter face.

The butler turned away awkwardly and told Michael.

“Young Master, those who haven’t received an invitation aren’t allowed to enter. Please take your guests and leave.”

Lil Michael let out a cold snort as he wrapped his arms around his chest. He spoke indifferently.

“Who gave you the authority to chase away my guest?”

The butler was flabbergasted, “Young Master, this is Mr. Sloan’s order…”

“Pretty Lady was invited by me with my daddy’s consent. Who are you to talk to her like that?”

Lil Michael was really furious. He did not care about manners and arrogantly raised his head to glare at the butler.

He had invited his pretty lady here with great difficulty, but she was treated so unkindly.

This was a disgrace to him!

Lil Michael was so afraid that his pretty lady would get mad at him.

Nicole’s body stiffened as soon as the butler mentioned “Mr. Sloan”. She was shocked.

‘Mr. Sloan? There’s no other Mr. Sloan in the whole of Atlanta! Lil Michael’s dad is actually Clayton Sloan? The man who showed up at my house was the Clayton Sloan who refused to accept any of my appointments?!’

The butler was reprimanded by Lil Michael and felt embarrassed.

One of the waiters in the banquet hall came over.

“Young Master, Ms. Stanton, Mr. Sloan invites you to come in.”

Lil Michael snorted coldly towards the butler, then turned around and went over to hold Nicole’s hand.

“Pretty Lady, don’t bother with that butler. I’ll tell Daddy to find a new butler!”


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