The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 371

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 371 – Nicole was surprised to see this and was delighted. This was coincidentally her favorite dessert store!

“Thanks, Michael. Take care!”

Lil Michael waved his little hands. “Bye, Pretty Lady!”

Tigger ran over and wagged its little tail.

“Bye, Lil Michael!”


In the car.

Lil Michael proudly tilted his head. “Pretty Lady is really pretty, right?”

The nanny could not help but nod. “Yeah, she’s very pretty! Prettier than any of those women who want to get close to your daddy, so you need to have a sense of crisis!”

Lil Michael blinked his sapphire eyes and nodded his little head solemnly.

‘Yes, I should have a sense of crisis!’

The bearded bodyguard sat aggrievedly in front.

“I thought I was supposed to go. I didn’t even get to see her…”

The nanny rolled her eyes at him.

“You’ll scare the pretty lady if you go!”

Lil Michael nodded approvingly. “Exactly!”

The fierce-looking bodyguard shrank in his seat even more aggrievedly.

Lil Michael frowned in thought for a moment. His delicate and pretty face had a rare look of puzzlement.

“We can’t keep sending the same gifts, so we’ll have to think about what to give her next time!”

The bearded bodyguard looked down and flipped the page of “Love for Dummies” that he just bought and muttered, “I thought of those gifts…”

Back at the hotel.

Lil Michael lazily tried to climb into bed, but he was picked up by Clayton.

“I heard you didn’t turn in your homework to your English teacher?”

Clayton’s voice had a distinctive coldness.

Lil Michael grunted and was petulant. He hugged his father’s legs and buried his head in his father’s t****s.

“Daddy, I’m busy chasing after my pretty lady!”

“How are you chasing her?”

“I bought her gifts!”

Under Clayton’s curious gaze, Lil Michael proudly told his father about all the gifts he bought for Nicole.

When Clayton heard about the white chrysanthemums and the chunky gold bracelet, he had a funny expression on his face as he chuckled like he was suppressing some emotion. The anger he felt earlier completely disappeared.

“Good luck then!”

Clayton tousled Lil Michael’s hair in a doting way.

If Nicole still did not drive Michael away after receiving all those “gifts”, she was really a kind woman!

Clayton was just about to leave the room when Lil Michael asked, “Daddy, can I invite my pretty lady to your dinner?”


Clayton frowned. He then suddenly realized that Michael was probably referring to that business dinner he was planning to hold.

He had no more than five people on his invitation list, so it was very discreet.

“If you want to,” Clayton said indifferently.

If it was someone else, Clayton would not have allowed it, but she was the woman from three years ago.

That was a different story altogether.

This time, Clayton’s project was attracting worldwide attention. After all, it required a lot of manpower and resources. It also took a lot of connections to make this a success.

Thus, Clayton’s every move was extremely secretive. Even his whereabouts were confidential.

However, there were quite a few capable people in Mediania who had a significant position in the market, such as Eric Ferguson.

Thus, Eric Ferguson was only one of many possible partners.

Stanton Corporation’s ability was comparable to Ferguson Corporation, but Clayton did not take them into consideration because his butler had mentioned Stanton Corporation one too many times.

Clayton hated it when people around him overstepped their bounds to dictate the company’s affairs.

If his butler overstepped again, Clayton would not care that this butler had been with him for over a decade.


For several days in a row, Clayton Sloan ignored all the appointment invitations from Stanton Corporation.

Nicole was very annoyed and did not want to accept Eric’s invitation to attend Clayton’s business dinner as his female companion.

However, Eric kept asking her repeatedly saying that he was willing to compete fairly with Stanton Corporation.

‘Bullsh*t! If I couldn’t even get an invitation, how could I even compete?’


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