The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 370

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 370 – Lil Michael blinked and was just about to open his mouth to introduce himself, but an eager voice suddenly came through his miniature earphones.

His nanny said, “You can’t tell her! If you do, she’ll like your daddy instead!”

Compared to his dad, Lil Michael felt that he did not seem to have any other advantages than being young.

‘My Pretty Lady can’t be hooked by Daddy! Absolutely not!’

Lil Michael’s opened mouth closed tightly again. His eyes shifted cleverly.

“My daddy’s a rich man, but all his money is mine too, so you should just like me.”

Nicole laughed helplessly and smiled as her heart melted.

Michael’s dad must be very rich!

Nicole took Michael back to the Stanton Mansion. Tigger was extremely excited and spun in circles around Lil Michael.

“Mama, I like Lil Michael so much!”

Lil Michael picked Tigger up and stroked its head.

“I like you too, kitty!”

“I’m a tiger!”

Tigger wagged its tail in defiance.

When Nicole went to the kitchen to get some water, Lil Michael carried Tigger by its neck.

“I’m Pretty Lady’s boyfriend, so if you call her Mama, then you should call me Daddy!”

Tigger’s face was distorted from being carried like that. “No! Papa is Eric Ferguson! He’s the most handsome man in the world!”

”Mama said a tiger should be assertive!’

Lil Michael furiously put Tigger down, but he was afraid that Tigger would complain about him, so he said, “Whatever, I won’t bother with a cat like you! Anyway, she’s mine!”

At that moment, a ring tone came from Michael’s watch.

It was Clayton Sloan.

Lil Michael reluctantly picked it up. “Daddy…”

Clayton’s deep voice came through.

“Where are you?”

“I’m at my pretty lady’s house. Daddy, you’re not allowed to come over!”

‘If my pretty lady likes Daddy, won’t I be out of the game?’

Clayton let out a low chuckle. “If you don’t come back within thirty minutes, I’ll go over and pick you up.”

He found joy in going against his son’s wishes.

Lil Michael was so anxious and angry that he stomped his feet and pouted.

“No, no! I wanna s********h my pretty lady!”

“Who are you talking to?”

Nicole asked as she came out with two glasses of milk.

Lil Michael was just about to end the call when Clayton’s voice came through.

“Let me speak to her.”

Lil Michael reluctantly raised his hand. Only then did Nicole realize that his watch front displayed, “On the line…”

“Is that your daddy?”

“Ms. Stanton, it’s me.”

Nicole’s voice was calm and collected.


“Sorry for disturbing you, Ms. Stanton. Someone will pick him up later. If he doesn’t want to leave, just shut him out the door. Don’t be soft-hearted.”

Nicole glanced at Lil Michael, who had puffed up his cheeks in anger, and chuckled. “That’s so b****l.”

“A boy whose only intention is to s********h girls is just a douchebag.”

After that, Clayton hung up the phone.

Lil Michael’s eyes widened, and his face turned red. “Stupid Daddy!”

‘How dare he ruin my image in front of my pretty lady?! This annoying Daddy!’

Nicole could not help but laugh, then hurriedly comforted him.

“Don’t be mad. I know that our Lil Michael isn’t this kind of guy!”

Nicole comforted him for a while before Lil Michael gradually relaxed.

Not long after, the doorbell rang.

Nicole went over to open the door.

A slightly chubby nanny stood at the door. She smiled as she spoke.

“Excuse me, I’m here to pick up our Young Master…”

Lil Michael walked to the door looking incredibly cute. The nanny handed over a box of desserts to him and winked at him like she had an eye cramp.

“Young Master, this is the dessert you instructed me to get.”

Lil Michael froze for a moment and reacted quickly.

“Pretty Lady, this is for you…”


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