The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 367

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 367 – International Convention Center.

A black luxury van appeared at the entrance of the convention center.

In the car, the nanny and the bodyguard handed Lil Michael his gifts. The little prince was happy and full of confidence.

The nanny asked, “Do you want me to accompany you inside?”

Lil Michael immediately refused. “No, only children need people to accompany them!”


The little charmer took a bunch of white chrysanthemums and a red velvet jewelry box as he walked into the lobby happily.

The receptionist saw him and thought that this kid looked extremely adorable!

“Little guy, who are you looking for?”

The little charmer smiled brightly and said, “I’m looking for Pretty Lady…”

At that moment, Nicole and Eric came out of the elevator one after the other. They attended this meeting together, so they must maintain a perfunctory courtesy between them.

When Lil Michael spotted Nicole, he immediately ran over and hugged her legs.

“Pretty Lady!”

Nicole was stunned. ‘Is this the little cutie from yesterday?’

“Michael, why are you here?”

The little charmer had very long eyelashes and clear blue eyes. His childish face was a little shy as he held out the flowers in his hand. “For you.”

Looking at a bouquet of white chrysanthemums, Nicole’s eyelids twitched. She looked at the little boy with surprise.

“This flower…”

“I carefully selected these for you, Pretty Lady. I think that this flower is beautiful and is especially suitable for you! Pretty girls will surely like it.”

Nicole was silent for a few seconds. She thought to herself, ‘Not every pretty girl will like it!’

After all, Nicole had never received bereavement flowers in person before…

She looked a little torn.

However, seeing the little charmer’s eyes that were filled with expectation, Nicole thought, ‘What does a small child know about white chrysanthemums being bereavement flowers anyway?’

She smiled and took it from him. Her voice was very gentle. “Thank you.”

When Eric saw the white chrysanthemums, his face stiffened slightly, and the corners of his lips twitched.

Eric’s perfectly sculpted face was a little glum as he narrowed his eyes at the boy. He really wanted to throw out the flowers.

‘What an eyesore!’

“Who’s this little kid?”

“His name is Michael. I just met him yesterday.”

“Hello, Old Mister!”

Lil Michael said meekly with an innocent look on his face.

Eric raised his eyebrows. His face sank as he thought, ‘Did he just call me old?! Why is he calling Nicole “Pretty Lady” then?”

He looked down at his watch and asked, ” Shall we go have tea together since the meeting’s over?”

“No.” Nicole decisively refused.

Eric said, “I have Clayton Sloan’s schedule.”

“Okay, let’s go for tea.”

Nicole looked down at Michael. “Where’s your daddy?”

Michael shook his head and went over to take Nicole’s hand. “I’m going with you!”

The little boy could tell that this old man was eyeing his pretty lady!

‘I can’t let my pretty lady get stolen by an old man!’

“No.” Eric refused.

‘Who brings a strange little kid on a date anyway?’

Michael snorted coldly and pouted at Nicole.

“Pretty Lady, I wanna drink tea too…”

Nicole paused and felt like her heart was about to melt from his cuteness. She really could not resist his adorable face.


Nicole chuckled and pulled him along.

Lil Michael was so happy that he was skipping the whole way. ‘Pretty Lady smells so good!’

He then glanced slyly at Eric and stuck out his tongue at him.

Eric said, “This child is not cute at all.”

Nicole snorted coldly. “How could you insult a kid?!”

Eric was rendered speechless.

Lil Michael lifted his chin smugly.

Once he lowered his head, he realized that he was still holding the red velvet box. Just as he was about to give it to his pretty lady Nicole, Eric changed the subject.

‘Okay, I’ll give it to her later.’

The cafe Eric chose was very quiet and exquisite.

The three of them took their seats. Lil Michael sat next to Nicole and was watching Eric warily.

Eric took out a blue box and smiled. “I got it from France last time. It looks very suitable for you.”

Nicole frowned and did not even look at it.

“I don’t want it.”


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