The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 359

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 359 – Eric smiled and slowly said, “The same reason why you’re here, of course.”

Needless to say, the tacit agreement between business people was only about interest. Their goal was the same person – Clayton Sloan.

Nicole walked over and sat down. They were so close that she could smell his minty cologne.

Their stunning appearances naturally attracted a lot of attention. They were such a great match to outsiders.

“Mr. Ferguson, you don’t need to attend this personally, right?”

“Aren’t you also here personally, Ms. Stanton?”

He lowered his voice, which was extremely pleasant to the ear and very intoxicating.

Nicole glanced at him from the side. Eric looked just as calm, confident, and cold as usual, but it felt different.

He was completely different from yesterday when his eyes were red.

‘Why is he not sad anymore?’

While Nicole was puzzled, Eric turned to look at her and met her gaze. His eyes were so tender.

He seemed to only have eyes for her and smiled. “Are you smitten with my face?”

Nicole was stunned and rolled her eyes. ‘What a shameless j**k!’

Eric’s smile deepened, which was never before seen by others.

He was actually smiling!

“If you like it, feel free to stare for a while longer. I won’t laugh. I promise.”

‘How thick-skinned is he to even say such words?’ Nicole gritted her teeth and looked away.

“Eric Ferguson, you should look up the definition of humility.”

Eric laughed from his chest and was not the slightest bit angry. He was in a great mood because Nicole spoke more than two words to him today.

The surrounding students who could hear their conversation were so shocked that their jaws dropped.

That iceberg of a man rejected anyone who intended to sit next to him earlier with his sharp warning gaze.

In the blink of an eye, his attitude changed 180 degrees!

Was that because they were not as pretty as Nicole?

Nicole was just cursing and mocking Eric, while the latter just smiled and willingly accepted whatever she said.

Their interaction was very strange and ambiguous.

Nicole was getting uncomfortable waiting for ten minutes. Her mouth was getting dry when a tutor walked in to make an announcement.

“Students, Mr. Sloan has something urgent to tend to, so he left the university. Everyone can disperse…”


Everyone stood up regretfully and went out with their heads hung low.

Nicole was also disappointed and stood up to leave. Before she reached the door, she was bumped by a boy behind her who was in a hurry to get out.

She subconsciously stumbled forward, but a hand quickly encircled her waist to hold her still.

When she saw the watch on the hand that was circling her waist, she already knew who it was.

Nicole just raised her head to look at Eric, who pulled her to the door. His tall and well-built figure completely blocked the exit.

His sharp eagle eyes were dangerous and oppressive as he glared at the boy next to them. He did not yell, but his temperament carried such awe-inspiring authority.

The surrounding people dared not move. The boy shuddered and cowered as he stood there. He was already scared to d***h from Eric’s glare.

One second, two seconds…

The boy suddenly realized his mistake and looked at Nicole.

He stuttered and blushed. “Oh…I-I’m s-sorry…I-I didn’t mean to hit you…I-I’m sorry…”

Nicole smiled and said, “It’s okay. Just go….”

She glanced at Eric, who had concealed his intimidating coldness and made way for the crowd, but no one dared to pass.

Nicole pursed her lips and walked out with a smile under everyone’s watchful eyes.

Eric followed at a steady pace.

When they were almost out of the campus, Nicole unconsciously quickened her pace.

Eric called out to her. “Wanna have lunch?”

Nicole said, “I don’t have an appetite when I’m eating with you.”

Eric fell silent for a moment. He playfully hooked up the corners of his lips into a charming smile and casually said in a lowered voice.

“Then who do you have an appetite with?”

Nicole’s eyelids twitched and deliberately wanted to annoy Eric.

“With my new boyfriend, of course!”

‘This j**k better knows how to back off!’


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