The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 352

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 352 – Miles was so angry when he talked about it that his head was smoking!

‘Wow, that’s really sad!’

Nicole pursed her lips and looked at Miles sympathetically. “Then we should congratulate her properly.”

Anyway, this was just a favor, so it was nothing.

“But… Am I an appropriate candidate?”

Miles sized her up. “You’re rich.”

Just this advantage could p**s that woman off.

Nicole curled up her lips. ‘Huh, what a good reason!’

Without any preparation, Miles pulled Nicole through the long corridor and went to a private room not far away from theirs.

The door was not completely closed, so through the gap, they stood there and could hear the chatter and music inside.

“Mel, you’re the first among us to get married! How did you get Colton to be so infatuated with you that he wants to marry you?”

“You girls don’t know it yet, but Mel’s already pregnant! If they don’t get married soon, she won’t be able to fit in a wedding dress…”

“Really?! Congratulations! This is double the joy!”

In the future, you gotta get a firm grip on your man’s wallet!”

Nicole felt her eyelids twitch. She turned to the side to look at Miles, who looked like he had just eaten a pile of c**p.

She pursed her lips. “Should we still go in?”

Miles snorted coldly. “Of course!”

Afterward, he raised his hand and pushed the door open. He instantly had a faint playful smile on his face while his other hand rested gently on Nicole’s shoulder like a gentleman.

They did look quite intimate.

Nicole very cooperatively exclaimed. “Oh no, we came to the wrong room!”

Her voice was soft and sweet without the slightest hint of coldness. She easily attracted everyone’s attention.

Miles saw the crowd in the room and stopped in his tracks.

“Right, sorry…”

He swept a glance at Melanie, who was surrounded by people. His eyes landed on her as if he was surprised to see her. In a flash, he had a playful smile and a dark light in his eyes.

“What a coincidence! Aren’t you an old acquaintance?”

Miles’ “old acquaintance” was said with gritted teeth.

Melanie was dressed up nicely as she happily accepted everyone’s envy and blessing.

There were many women around rich young men like Colton White, but only a few could successfully rise to the top.

She was about to be one of them.

Melanie had a feeling like she was above everyone and felt her head stuck up in the clouds.

When she saw Miles Kavanagh, she froze in place like she had just seen a ghost.

The blood all over her body began to boil and scream in fear.

Colton White did not know about her past. None of them did.

Some of her friends recognized Nicole and Miles, who were quite famous because of their appearance in the variety show.

“Hey, Ms. Stanton! What a coincidence! Mr. Kavanagh, you know Melanie?”

Miles had a sly smile on his face. “Not only do we know each other, but we’re also pretty close…”

Melanie’s face stiffened and her heart froze.

Nicole smiled. The woman who spoke looked a little familiar, but she did not know who it was. Looking at her expensive clothes, Nicole had probably seen her at some party or event before.

“Yes, what are you girls celebrating?”

“Tonight is Melanie’s bachelorette party before she gets married to Colton White! Since you’re here, why don’t you join us?”

To be able to invite Nicole to their party was an honor and a step up the social ladder!

Nicole looked at Melanie, who was standing there. She looked so ordinary and docile that it was hard to remember her just based on looks.

She smiled, looked at Miles, and affectionately tugged on his sleeve. Her voice was soft and delicate.

“Let’s stay and sit! It’s very lively here…”

Miles smiled at her dotingly. “Alright, whatever you want.”

Everyone looked at this scene in shock. Their expressions changed instantly.

The interaction between Nicole and Miles obviously did not look like ordinary friends.

Some people subconsciously turned their gaze to the adjoining private room, while someone could not help but ask, “You’re both together now?”


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