The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 348

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 348 – Nicole’s post temporarily quelled everyone’s desire for her to return to the show.

After all, she was the CEO of Stanton Corporation and did not need to depend on the entertainment industry to make a living. Thus, she was certainly qualified to make that decision.

This fever quickly subsided.

Nicole thought that this was just an excuse for her to withdraw from the show, but early the next morning, Tigger automatically adjusted the room’s settings to daytime mode before she woke up.

When she opened her eyes, the sunlight spilled through the c******s and only her face.

Nicole did a lazy stretch and poked Tigger.

“You’re mistaken. It’s not time to get up yet…”

Tigger jumped up and rubbed its head on her forehead.

“Someone’s waiting for you! They won’t let you stay in bed!”

Nicole had no choice but to slowly get up since her sleepiness was almost gone.

It took twenty minutes for her to freshen up.

She chose a luxury Elie Saab’s casual dress from this season. It was a light beige knee-length dress that made her seem so gentle, youthful, and bright.

Grant was beginning to get impatient and had checked his watch countless times.

As soon as Nicole went downstairs, she was pulled by Grant.

“You have to go to the office today. Everyone’s waiting for you.”

Nicole stared at him in amazement. ’Today?! When was this decided?’

Grant knew that she was puzzled and explained, “It’s the shareholders’ meeting today. Some people have been eyeing your position for a long time, so you must show your face and make them back down.”

Nicole immediately understood. “So, that’s what it is…’

Stanton Corporation.

Inside the conference room on the top floor, everyone was sitting upright. The atmosphere was solemn.

Nicole had experienced such an occasion more than once, so she was used to it.

When she followed Grant into the meeting room, many people were looking at her with complicated expressions, while some were joyfully relieved that she was alive, and some were just unconcerned.

The moment she walked in, applause rang out in the conference room.

This was the first time Nicole attended a company meeting since she got out of the island. Some faces were still familiar, while some were unfamiliar.

“Welcome back, President Nicole.”

Nicole smiled and sat next to Grant after greeting everyone.

The meeting started. Grant was very much like Eric Ferguson in some ways, When he dealt with business matters and strangers, he never smiled.

Grant sat there listening to the reports of the directors and shareholders. Whether they were arguing or sneering, his face was unmoved and shrouded in a layer of About it chill.

Nicole understood the gist of it. A Wall Street tycoon from Liberty had a big project that involved artificial intelligence.

This business tycoon’s name was Clayton Sloan. He was a mysterious person that never had his name on the Forbes list, so no one knew exactly how much wealth he had. However, his name in the business world was like a thunderclap.

Artificial intelligence in a lot of countries was booming and secretly competing to be the best in the world. However, no one could combine their achievements systematically in a network.

The various aspects of artificial intelligence were scattered. Whether in scientific research, medicine, or smart devices, although each had its own advantages, not a single company could cover the design of all these fields and was very niched in its own field.

Clayton Sloan wanted to break this barrier to cooperate with all these countless companies involved in this industry and create the leading collaboration in Al of the century.

Some small companies simply did not have any competitive advantage. The real partners who were eligible were those on the top of the pyramid with strong resources.

Stanton Corporation valued this cooperation and had reached out to Clayton Sloan multiple times, but there was no reply.

One of their shareholders, Christian Jenner, wanted to promote his son so that he could get a firm foothold in Stanton Corporation.

Therefore, when Christian wanted his son to take charge of this cooperation, it caused a lot of objections.

Everyone was uncompromising.

“How can you just hand over such an important matter to your son as a practice? Mr. Jenner, are you getting senile?”

“Even if a deal is reached, it’s because Clayton Sloan values our Stanton Corporation, not your son personally. Don’t you think you’re too aggressive to grab this credit?”

“Mr. Jenner’s son is a department manager in our company, so he is still quite capable…”



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