The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 341

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 341 – Mikayla froze in place and felt extremely embarrassed. to the extreme.

Anyone could see what she was up to, but that man did not give her a chance.

The director immediately responded and rewarded Mikayla with the right to lead the next game.

The online comments were relentless.

[I feel like Mikayla’s on a roll after her fall, but Mr. Ferguson just cut her off!]

[Crippled Mikayla’s so dumb that it’s kinda funny…]

[Everyone’s chatting and having fun. Goddess Nicole is the only one who’s serious about the treasure hunt, but she didn’t find anything. Poor bb…]

[Am I the only one who thinks that Mr. Ferguson is longing for Goddess Nicole? His eyes are just too gentle when he looks at her!]

Everyone went to the next destination according to the treasure map that Mikayla found.

On the road.

Nathaniel leaned in close to Eric and snickered.

“Uncle Eric, how can you just cheat like that? You just change the program without consulting anyone!”

The director could not even say no!

Eric shot him a sidelong glance. His tone was clear and cold.

“I can also remove you from the show, Wanna try me?”

Nathaniel choked and was instantly rendered speechless.

Keel This was something his uncle was capable of!

“You like Nikki, but she doesn’t like you. You’re just wasting your efforts!”

Eric paused in his footsteps and glared at him coldly. His tone was icy and intimidating as he said, “Huh, she doesn’t like you either. Nathaniel Ferguson, you’d better stop thinking about people you shouldn’t be thinking about. This is the last time I’m warning you.”

He was kind to Nathaniel because he was his nephew. Next time, he would not be so gentle.

Nathaniel was frightened and dumbfounded. He was speechless for a moment and felt so stuffy.

However, he looked up and saw Nicole walking ahead with Miles, discussing the next game.

Nicole did not like him romantically.

Family Even after they had gone through so much together and were tight friends, she had never seen him as anything more than a friend.

If it were any other woman, Nathaniel would still have patience, but Nicole was eyed by Eric Ferguson!

This time, Nathaniel conceded defeat.

Nathaniel caught up to Eric. “Uncle Eric, do you really like her that much?”

Eric looked at him like he was an i***t. What nonsense?!

Nathaniel took a deep breath. “Well, it does seem like you’re the only one around my Nikki that could match up to her. Since you’re a changed man, I’ll help you. After all, we gotta keep the good stuff within the family, eh?”

Eric did not bother listening to Nathaniel’s scatter. He saw Miles and Nicole chatting happily and quickly caught up to them to interrupt their conversation.


Nicole turned her head to the side. When she saw Eric, her smile faded.

“Something wrong?”

Eric smiled and said, “Yeah, something’s wrong.”

Miles saw this situation and left to find Nathaniel, who had somehow fallen behind.

Nicole took a deep breath. ‘What the h**l does he want?’

It did not take long for them to get to the next location.

The final game was an extreme sport.

They were on a cliff a hundred meters high for bungee jumping, which was loved by many thrill-seeking adventurers.

Mikayla was happy to see this. The director had the staff prepare a safety harness for each of them and tied them onto everyone.

There was a hot air balloon not far from the cliff. The director briefly introduced the rules.

“Everyone will go up to the hot air balloon in a moment and play a game of truth. Mikayla will determine the punishment according to the degree of tacit understanding between each pair. One of the punishments is bungee jumping 80 meters from here. If you don’t want to jump, you can accept one of Mikayla’s punishments, which she’ll decide by herself.”

This was the advantage of finding the treasure map.

No wonder Mikayla was so happy!


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