The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 334

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 334 – There was an emergency at one of Stanton Corporation’s overseas subsidiaries that had to be dealt with immediately.

Grant had some urgent business at headquarters, so he could not leave for the moment. Nicole then took on the task and went on Grant’s behalf. In the meantime, she could also get a change of environment.

The news that Nicole had left the country reached Eric’s ears an hour later. At that moment, he was drinking a cup of hangover tea in his office.


Eric was shaken and did not care that the tea had spilled on some important documents. He stood up immediately.

For some reason, he felt a vague pain in his waist.

“She left the country?”

Mitchell nodded. “Yes, when I sent a return gift to the Stanton Mansion, it was received by Young Master Kai. He said that Ms. Stanton is leaving the country and may not come back again…”

Eric’s face changed drastically. “She’s leaving?!

“Where did she go? Which flight did she take?”

His heart and mind were in a mess. He was afraid that Nicole hated him, but he was also afraid that she ignored him.

Eric wanted to get her back even if it meant that she would hate him for life, He could not bear for her to disappear from his life!

Mitchell’s lips trembled slightly. “Ms. Stanton didn’t take a commercial flight… She took the Stanton family’s private jet…”

Eric’s eyes narrowed. His expression became even gloomier.

To keep him from knowing about her whereabouts, she chose a private plane?

It seemed like she was really determined to leave!

Eric was panic-stricken. He felt like an important part of his heart had suddenly collapsed!

He clenched his teeth. His gaze was icy.

‘No, I must find her!’

“One hour. I want to know where she went!”

Eric raised his eyes to look at Mitchell. His voice was extremely cold as he said, ”Otherwise, you can disappear together with her.”

” Mitchell’s body trembled. He immediately answered, “Yes, sir.”

With that, he went out.

Four hours later.

The subsidiary of Stanton Corporation in France.

Eric stood at the entrance. He was tall and well-built. His features were deep and prominent, and he looked extraordinary. He had such a calm and noble air about him that he soon attracted the attention of many people.

The receptionist asked him more than once if there was anything she could do to help.

Eric just smiled lightly and sat there. “I’m waiting for someone.”

There was a hint of panic under his calm and collected expression.

Even though Eric knew that Nicole was here, he dared not go up to see her so rashly.

If he did, she would hate him even more.

Thus, Eric wanted to wait for her downstairs so that he could pretend that it was a coincidence. She might not believe him, but it did not matter.

Eric laughed self-deprecatingly. ‘I actually became cautious now? Forget it… It’s all worth it as long as I can see her.’

Nicole finished dealing with urgent matters and attended meetings until the afternoon.

The CEO of the subsidiary was Eugene Lacroix, Nicole’s classmate. The two of them talked and laughed as they went downstairs.

“It’s all thanks to your timely arrival. Otherwise, it would’ve been troublesome.” Eugene smiled warmly.

Nicole chuckled. She looked so bright and confident in her stilettos, like a true boss.

“It’s also thanks to your good cooperation…”

When the two of them got to the first floor, they heard some ladies in front chattering.

“Who is that man waiting for? He looks so handsome!”

“Yeah, he’s the most handsome foreign man I’ve ever seen! Unfortunately, he rejected me when I asked him for his contact information earlier…”


Nicole overheard their conversation and subconsciously looked towards the lounge. The man stood up and looked at her with a deep gaze.

His eyes had an indescribably complex emotion.

He walked over to her in a moment.

Nicole secretly gritted her teeth.

This j**k is really haunting me everywhere I go!

She did not say anything. Eric stood in front of them and swept a glance at Eugene, who was next to her.

Eric’s eyes narrowed dangerously before he calmly shifted his gaze back to Nicole, which instantly turned gentle.

“Why did you suddenly leave the country?”

Nicole’s face stiffened slightly. She raised an eyebrow. “Do I need to report to you about my itinerary?”


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