The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 327

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 327 – Quinn was chided by Old Master Ferguson, so she froze in place.

Her status in the family was low, to begin with. Since that incident where she helped Ingrid to steal Old Master Ferguson’s emerald pipe, Quinn had been living in constant fear of getting kicked out of the family.

Quinn did not know where Ingrid was sent to, so now, she did not even have a person to talk to.

When she was scolded by Old Master Ferguson, Eric just stood by and watched without saying a word. His cold eyes made her feel more uncomfortable.

Thus, her hatred for Nicole only deepened.

Eric paused and instructed Mitchell, who was standing on the side.

“Send Madam back to the villa. There’s no need for her to attend the dinner this evening.”

Quinn completely froze in place.

Old Master Ferguson also nodded. “That’s good too. We can’t lose this chance to make up with the Stanton family.”

They did not ask about Quinn’s opinion at all.

Quinn was exasperated by Eric’s attitude. When she left, her face was very glum.

The dinner was set in a private restaurant. Aside from the Stantons and the Fergusons, there was no one else.

Floyd Stanton brought along Grant and Nicole to the dinner. When they arrived, Old Master Ferguson and Eric had just arrived.

This kind of dinner was not very formal, so Nicole chose a grayish-blue long dress and Manolos. She had such a cool and elegant temperament with a touch of liveliness.

Floyd and Old Master Ferguson exchanged pleasantries. They did not mention anything personal and mostly talked about work matters. However, under the seemingly cordial atmosphere, it still felt very awkward.

Nicole sat there and could feel that pair of eyes trying to bore a hole through her head from across the room.

It was annoying as h**l!

When that intent gaze fell on her again, Nicole could no longer help it. She suddenly raised her head and glared back at him.

Eric was first stunned, but he later smiled gently at her.

Nicole gritted her teeth and did not look away. What was Eric Ferguson pretending for in front of the elders?

She originally had no intention to come, but Floyd reminded her that it was Eric who saved her, so it was not good to be rude. She should at least sit for a while before leaving.

Floyd saw that it was almost time, so he gave Nicole a look.

“In fact, Nicole and I are very grateful that the Ferguson family can come to the rescue. Besides our business cooperation, Nicole also specially prepared a gift for you, Chairman Ferguson.”

Nicole smiled and took out a box from her purse, handing it over to Old Master Ferguson.

“Chairman Ferguson, I got this from a private collector in France. This pipe comes from the hands of the same master as the one you had at the beginning. I heard that you often visit the museum to see that emerald pipe, and I know how much you don’t want to part with it, so in order to express my gratitude, I found this for you.”

The corners of Old Master Ferguson’s lips twitched. ‘She knows that I go to the museum often just to look at my own pipe? It sounds as if she’s mocking me…’

As soon as Old Master Ferguson opened the box, he looked shocked.

This pipe was not the same as his emerald pipe, but even better than the one in the museum. The color and clarity of the emeralds were even more vibrant. It was obvious that it had been very well kept. It was indeed very valuable, probably no less than ten figures.

Even if someone could afford this, the original owner might not be willing to sell.

It was only on display as a private collection.

Old Master Ferguson never thought that the Stanton family managed to get their hands on this.

He was excited and wanted to take a closer look and touch it personally, but he was also worried that the sweat on his hands would corrode this treasure.

However, his eyes soon dimmed.

The Stanton family only bought it for him at an exorbitant price to repay Eric for saving Nicole’s life.

They kept their mouths shut about the marriage alliance.

The fact that they gave him this pipe proved that Floyd did not care about money and would not condemn his daughter to a marriage of convenience.

Old Master Ferguson was a shrewd man and instantly saw through Floyd’s intentions.

He smiled faintly and looked at Eric, who also seemed to understand Floyd’s thoughts.

Eric’s face was slightly sunken and dark. A faint coldness enveloped him as he stared straight at Nicole.

The whole time, Nicole lowered her head and silently ate her food. She did not want to participate in their conversation at all.


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