The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 321

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 321 – Nicole thought, ‘What kind of stupid show is this? Is their purpose to torture us?!’

Miles picked up the diving equipment on the speedboat and put them on.

Nicole was stunned. Miles looked at her and pondered for a moment.

“Ms. Stanton, did you want to dive by yourself?”

There’s no escape…’ Nicole smiled awkwardly. “I don’t know how to swim…”

Miles was silent for a full ten seconds before he digested this fact.

Nathaniel, a professional explorer, had praised Nicole like she was a g*d, but it turned out that she did not know how to swim?

Nicole sat there blinking innocently. She also felt ashamed.

Miles paused in his actions. “Then… Just wait for me up here.”

Nicole nodded solemnly.

Miles put on the wetsuit and dived into the sea so elegantly that he barely made a splash. He truly lived up to his g*d-like explorer status.

After three to four minutes, there was no movement. The sea was calm and unusually eerie.

Nicole began to feel anxious and apprehensive. ‘Nothing will happen, right?’

Her thoughts were suddenly pulled back to the time three years ago.

Nicole was practicing alone in the swimming pool. The coach she made an appointment with canceled on her. Instead, several fierce men came to her.

Their bodies were tattooed all over. When they saw Nicole, they walked straight to her.

Their gaze was vicious and cold.

“You’re the one who saved that soldier, right?!”

Nicole instantly figured out who these men were.

They were the people from the underground fight club, and they wanted to get revenge on her!

Although they spared Nicole and Eric at that time, how could one trust the character of terrorists?

Seeing her silence, one of the men ruthlessly yanked her hair without any reason and buried her head into the water.

Nicole struggled and resisted with all her might. She desperately tried to breathe but to no avail.

Another man went underwater and Car tugged her legs, pulling her deeper and did not give her any chance to resist.

She was completely at the mercy of others.

One minute…

Two minutes…

Seven minutes…

Nicole did not remember how much water she took in, but she could feel the strength in her body being drained away little by little. Her consciousness was gradually blurring.

Her heartbeat got weaker. She could no longer hear what the people at the side of the pool were saying.

She felt like a large sheet was gradually wrapping around every inch of her body like a cocoon, slowly pulling her into the suffocating silence.

The water was so cold and gloomy. Her fear of d***h seemed to intensify underwater.

> Soon, she was motionless and no longer had the tenacity to survive.

The two tattooed men let go of her. She floated face-down in the water. Thinking that she was d**d, they finally left.

Nicole had never felt so cold. The water seemed to have an endless gravitational pull that prevented her from moving even a hair. Just when she was about to bid goodbye to this world, a man desperately tried to pull her up.

The man’s palm was wide and strong as he began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and chest compressions. She smelled his familiar scent.

It was him.

Tears fell uncontrollably as she thought that he saved her once again.

‘How could I pay him back this time?’

Nicole wanted to marry him.

In the hospital, Nicole opened her eyes and felt a horrible choking sensation. She shuddered for a moment before she sat up violently.

When she ran outside, she heard the man’s magnetic and cold voice that was tinged with panic and helplessness.

“She must be saved, at all costs!”

The doctor in front of the man spoke with difficulty, “Ms. Quade has lost too much blood. Her RH-null blood type is extremely rare, and we currently don’t have this blood stored in our hospital’s blood bank…”

Nicole blinked and somehow walked over.

She said, “I can donate blood.”


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