The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 317

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 317 – That cave was not on the map that Nicole saw earlier. Since it was not on the map, there must be something fishy about it.

Nicole used a stick to poke at the weeds covering the cave entrance. Mikayla also had the good sense to go forward and help.

The inside of the cave was dark, and the ground was flooded with water. It was eerie and dreary. Even the smell was hard to bear.

Nicole took a deep breath and cautiously walked in with a flashlight.

Mikayla was watching from the outside, She pursed her lips and spoke hesitantly.

“Nicole, this cave doesn’t have any cameras, so I don’t think it’s the place we’re looking for. Let’s not waste our date’s efforts!”

Her filming experience told her that places without cameras must not be important.

Nicole walked ahead and said in a flat voice. “Then you can wait outside.”

She did not force it.

Nicole’s cameraman had already gone inside with her, leaving Mikayla with her cameraman outside.

Mikayla frowned. Although she was extremely reluctant, she still gritted her teeth and chose to follow Nicole inside the cave.

Otherwise, if a billionaire heiress like Nicole could go into this dark cave and Mikayla waited outside like a wimp, she would just be criticized by netizens.

Mikayla was planning to catch up to Nicole when she suddenly screamed.


Nicole looked back when she heard the scream. Mikayla looked like she had twisted her ankle. She was lying on the ground and broke out in painful cold sweat. She even shed tears…

Seeing this, Nicole hurried back. “What happened?”

Mikayla forced a smile, but her pale face could not conceal her pain.

“I twisted my ankle. I’m really sorry for slowing you down.”

Nicole frowned. “Should I contact the staff to send you back first?”

“No… I’m not going back. I can still hold on.”

Mikayla gritted her teeth. Although the pain was k*****g her, if she just left like this, she would lose her reputation.

Then, the opportunity that she had fought for would be all for nothing.

Before Mikayla came, she thought that Nicole’s frank and cold character would be refreshing to the audience for a while.

However, what the viewers really wanted was a person with high emotional intelligence. If Mikayla could gain a firm foothold and become a regular participant on this show, she would be able to raise her status in showbiz.

Thus, Mikayla would not just leave like that.

Since this was her own choice, Nicole did not insist on anything.

Nicole looked around and found a thicker branch from the cave entrance. “Here, make do with this first.”

Mikayla took it over and thanked her, then braced herself to stand up.

Although there was no longer the pain of the moment just now, her mobility was nates still affected.

Nicole stood up next to Mikayla, who winced in pain when she took a step. Her legs went weak, and she was about to fall.

Mikayla subconsciously tugged on Nicole’s warm. Nicole also held Mikayla and intended to wait for her to stand firm before letting go.

However, Mikayla misunderstood that Nicole wanted to take care of her, so she did not let go and limped inside with Nicole supporting her.

She looked like she was crippled.

Nicole was speechless and pursed her lips. She could not push Mikayla away, so she could only let Mikayla hold her.

‘I must change teammates!’

There was a flurry of comments on the live stream.

[Mikayla’s so dedicated! What a poor girl. She deserves to be popular!]

[Did they make up already? Nicole has such a good temper!]

[Mikayla doesn’t look like she’s pretending. If she’s really hurt, she should just rest. Health is most important!]

[What great teamwork!]


The further they went in, the darker it was inside the cave. It was a little eerie and cold.

Nicole did not feel much, but next to her, Mikayla kept cowering and looked like she just wanted to jump on Nicole. From time to time, Mikayla would even shriek alarmingly.

The camera crew with them was extremely dedicated to capturing every expression on their face.

About 50 or 60 meters inside, there was complete darkness. They had come to a d**d-end.


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