The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 298

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 298 – Eric walked up to the ticket counter. His outstanding handsome features soon became the focal point. The attendant blushed and recommended him some romantic comedies.

He did not care much for it and chose the movie with the closest showtime.

When he glanced to the side, he saw the couple next to him holding a large bucket of popcorn and a Coke and frowned slightly.

Nicole was bored sitting on the side with her chin propped up on her hand as she scrolled through her phone.

She was looking at the group chat messages, where Yvette and Julie were discussing where they should go for a ski trip.

Nicole wanted to give some inputs, but if they found out that she was out at the movies with Eric Ferguson, their eyes would probably pop out of their sockets.

Next to her, a college-looking guy came over with a shy face.

“Excuse me, Miss. May I ask if you’re from U of A? Which department are you in?”

Nicole was stunned. ‘Right… U of A is just nearby…’

She instantly felt a little giddy with joy for being mistaken as a college student.

“I…” Nicole was just about to explain when the college student handed over his phone.

“Can I have your contact? We have a play that’s in need of a female lead at the moment…”

Nicole smiled at him with squinted eyes. Her eyes were glimmering like the stars.

The college student was so enchanted by Nicole’s smile that he did not notice the cold aura from another person behind her.

The man placed one hand on the back of Nicole’s chair like he was declaring sovereignty. His eyes were gloomy as he stared at the boy.

A familiar and cold voice with a compelling moroseness came from behind Nicole. “What are you guys talking about?”

He had such an awe-inspiring and reserved temperament. The Patek Philippe on his wrist was enough to end someone else’s lifelong struggles.

Without having to speak, anyone could tell that this man was no ordinary person.

The college student’s eyes dimmed as he withdrew his phone in defeat.

He hurriedly apologized and fled the scene.

Nicole looked at the college student with regret. Her smile also faded.

Eric noticed her change in expression. His gaze darkened.

His heart felt like it was soaked in ice water. It was frozen and gloomy.

Nicole turned her head expressionlessly and was a little stunned to see what Eric was holding.

The bucket of popcorn and Coke in his hands were so out of place with his limited-edition expensive cashmere coat.

When Eric saw Nicole’s expression, he pursed his lips unnaturally and said, “It came with the tickets.”

Nicole immediately believed it. After all, Eric did not look like someone who would buy such childish things.

When they entered the hall, Nicole saw the ticket in his hand. ‘Hah! H****r movie?’

Nicole walked in expressionlessly. There were only two couples in the entire hall, them and the young couple in front of them.

After all, comedies were all the hype now, followed by literary films. Thus, there was not much of a market for h****r films.

Eric intended to sit next to Nicole when she placed the large bucket of popcorn on the seat between them.

He frowned at her and clearly looked displeased.

Nicole glanced at him lightly and said in a cold tone, “Regular friends ought to have a sense of proportion, right, Mr. Ferguson?”

Eric remembered what Mitchell had said to him before leaving the gallery restaurant earlier.

“You need to have full patience when you chase a girl. You absolutely can’t just get angry and leave, especially with Ms. Stanton. She won’t fall for this trick!”

Eric pondered for less than half a second and sat down one seat away from Nicole.

Before this, he did not think that he could sit down and watch a movie with her, so this was considered progress.

The young couple in front of them would occasionally k**s and hug and were very intimate.

Especially during a scary scene, the girl would just hide in the boy’s arms. She would even scream in a pretentious voice.

“Ah! I’m so scared! OMG, it’s so scary… I can’t look anymore…”


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