The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 277

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 277 – Amidst the hail of bullets, Nicole suddenly recalled the t*******t a****k in the streets of Europe four years ago.

The originally peaceful and romantic streets were suddenly bombed by terrorists.

They attacked countless civilians, and Nicole had rushed out of the safe room to save a three-year-old child whose parents had died on the scene.

The b**b exploded beside her. No matter how fast she was, she could not run away.

Nicole and the child were flung into the air by the blast and were just about to be reduced to cannon fodder…

The next second, a tall and strong man shielded her body.

That was the first time Nicole met Eric Ferguson.

From that moment on, she owed him her life.

He wore Mediania’s military uniform, and his back was stained with blood, but his expression was steely and calm.

When he saw that Nicole and the child were safe, he immediately left to save the next person and helped the local police to catch many of the fleeing terrorists.

That a****k made the terrorists target Eric Ferguson, a soldier of Mediania.

Revenge came too quickly.

The second time she met him, it was in an underground fight club.

Countless fighters surrounded Eric. He was covered in blood and full of wounds, and he seemed to be at the limit of his consciousness.

As soon as he stood up, he would be attacked brutally and knocked to the ground.

They wanted him d**d!

The spectators cried foul, but none of them protested.

In the darkness, someone laughed maniacally.

“Look at this self-righteous Medianian! You think you’re a hero? You’re just an arrogant fool!”

“Hahahaha! What a show! Keep fighting if you can…”

“Well, as long as someone takes you out, or as long as you can walk out alive, we’ll let you go, Hahaha…”

They were certain that no one would dare to meddle.

However, Nicole heard it. In the darkness, no one bothered to pay attention to a woman.

Without hesitation, she rushed up and attacked the crotch of the boxers as fast as she could.

They screamed miserably, and the situation changed in an instant.

Nicole held Eric up by her shoulders and took him away step by step under the watchful eyes of the crowd.

As the large door in front of them opened, the light from outside penetrated in and pierced through the darkness.

Eric had already lost consciousness by the time Nicole handed him over to his companions.

This time, she finally repaid her debt to him.


Nicole’s eyes blurred. She did not know why she thought of Eric at this juncture of life-and-d***h.

He would probably never know that they had already met even before they got married.

She fell in love with him way earlier than he imagined.

Bullets whizzed around, the cold sea wind howled, and the situation had become irreversible. Every second was filled with danger.

Nathaniel sawher space out and shouted at her, “Nicole— Just hide!”

“Bang bang bang-” The sound of gunfire was incessant.

The drawn-out victory was more like torture, making her feel like every second of life was worse than d***h!

Nicole closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then, she suddenly lifted the gun in her hand.

To h**l with it! Even if she was going to d*e, she would d*e fighting.

She abruptly turned around, ambling from under the reef, and moved to find a suitable vantage point. Then, she opened fire without hesitation.


Nicole was sure that the shot she just fired must have hit one of the men in the shoulder.

She was different from them. She would not k**l anyone because she was restrained and prideful.

Afterall, she was someone who had learned to shoot professionally.

Nicole’s counterattack only angered the pirates more, eliciting an even more intense barrage.

The bullets cut through her side as easily as rain.

She dared not use up all her bullets at once.

Nicole gauged how long she would last. One minute… Or two minutes?

Her life was about to end…

Nathaniel cursed at them, getting more into it the more he screamed, taking off some of the heat from her.

Nicole gave him a pale smile and pulled the trigger without hesitation!


It was accompanied by a piercing scream!

The second shot hit the leg of a pirate who was about to jump over.

Their anger came with a vengeance. They scattered around the surroundings, shooting from all sides.

There was no way out. Nicole knew that what awaited them was unavoidable d***h!

Nathaniel gave up cursing and turned his head to praise her.

“You’re awesome, Nikki! Your talent and ability overshadowed your beauty.”

Even at the brink of d***h, he did not forget to s**k up to her.

Nicole only responded with a smile, a bleak and miserable smile.

“No, I still mainly rely on my beauty.”

As Nicole pulled on the trigger for the third time, only a soft click sounded…


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