The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 256

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It was already close to dusk when Eric came out of the conference room.

The setting sun hung at an angle on the branches of the treetops outside the office, the same as countless ordinary evenings.

He still had forty minutes before his flight. He had not forgotten that Nicole was waiting for him in Riopolis.

Eric casually loosened his tie and was just about to ask Mitchell to bring all the signed documents when he saw the man suddenly running in from outside in a flurry.

His face was pale and panicked.

Mitchell had been an assistant to Eric for many years, but he had always been calm and dignified, and never lost his composure like this.


Eric frowned. His expression sank slightly as he waited for Mitchell to continue.

“An hour ago, I got the news that Ms. Stanton’s plane crashed. After searching and verification, it was confirmed that… There were no survivors…”

Mitchell’s voice grew lower and lower, and his lips barely moved when he said the last four words.

Behind Eric was a huge window wall. At a glance, one could see the shadow of his tall and slender figure being pulled by the sunset.

At that moment, the temperature in the office was like an ice cellar, cold and gloomy.

Eric’s face gradually stiffened and darkened, and a huge storm instantly brewed in his deep eyes.

“What did you say?”

His voice was hoarse and icy as his eyes grew bloodshot.

He must have misheard!

Mitchell did not dare to repeat his words. His eyes had reddened as well.

“It’s true. Ms. Stanton’s name was written on the list of casualties.

“When the Stanton family got the news, Chairman Floyd had just returned from Philmont and was hospitalized for excessive grief…”

A d**d silence fell over the office after he finished his words. A dense chill and a deep sadness pervaded the surroundings and blanketed the area.

Eric stood there stiffly, his eyes staring straight at Mitchell.

He had never felt like this before. It was as if his heart was being stabbed by a blunt instrument and wrapped with barbed thorns, dripping with blood.

It was so painful that he could not speak.

He only felt numb as he trembled uncontrollably.

At that moment, his body shook like it was drenched in iced water. It was as if his soul had left his body. His face was pale as blood drained from his body.

The next second, he dragged his hand recklessly across the table and swept everything to the floor in grief and anger.

“I don’t believe it! She can’t be d**d! How can she be d**d?!”

He roared while gnashing his teeth.

Nicole was someone who loved life!

She was positive. She was optimistic and cheerful. She was beautiful and generous.

She always wrote her happiness and unhappiness on her face.

Even when Chloe got someone to kidnap her, she did not even frown.

For three years, she always looked at him with expectation and tenderness.

After the divorce, she lived so freely.

She who stood on a stage playing the violin, she who negotiated at the business table, she who smoked openly, she who was so disdainful of him…

It was as if every scene was deeply imprinted in his mind…

Before he knew it, she was already an intricate part of his world, embedded down to the marrow of his bones and unable to be stripped away!

He had not asked for her forgiveness yet…

He could not imagine how he would live without her in the future…

That handsome and perfect face collapsed with a dense sorrow, and he almost lost his voice.

When Mitchell saw Eric like that, he could no longer hold back and also shed tears.

News of the plane c***h made headlines all over the media outlets, and Liberty Airlines finally came forward to explain the reason for the c***h.

Due to improper operation of the aircraft’s internal operating system, it did not respond in time when crossing a thunderstorm, hence causing the accident.

The plane did not have time to put out a distress signal before it crashed directly into the sea and was never heard from again.

The plane crashed into the deep sea, and the search and rescue aircraft did not find any signs of life while sweeping the surface of the sea.

No one called for help either.

For almost the whole afternoon, everyone lamented and grieved for this unfortunate accident.

It was hard to imagine how desperate the passengers of the flight must have felt when they crashed, without even having the chance to say goodbye…

When Nicole’s name appeared on the official list of passengers, the accident immediately caused the heartache of millions of people.

Nicole was the lovable CEO of Stanton Corporation who dominated the trending topics for a long time, so it was hard for her d***h not to attract everyone’s attention.

In this regard, it almost caused the network to be p*******d.

On a rare occasion, the three Stanton brothers, Grant, Maverick, and Kai, took to the internet to voice the same thing.

They all posted the same comment.

It was just four words.

[Waiting for good news.]


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