The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1495

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Sean was a selfish, cold-blooded, and emotionless person.

When he completely broke off connections with his ex-wife and her connections, he began to struggle by himself.

He also watched them struggle.

Thus, she had no choice but to show up personally and support the company since Sean took away the company’s elites and did not leave many useful people behind.

If not for the project on this plot of land, Sean’ s ex- wife would have to declare bankruptcy in less than a month.

Everyone said that Sean was still her husband, so he would not leave her to fend for herself.

However, she knew that he would!

Leaving someone to fend for themselves was his personality.

He had always been like that.

However, she blamed his fickleness on how he wanted to marry Yvette.

Unexpectedly, they separated.

When she found out that Sean and Yvette had broken up, she did not feel any joy at all.

It was because with Sean’s capabilities now, he would not turn back and beg to get back together with her.

She was merely an ex-wife that had no value.

They had no children or feelings for each other. They had nothing.

However, when she stood here under the sun and Yvette gave the document to her, she suddenly felt like crying.

Even Yvette had more of a conscience than Sean. She had hated the wrong person.

When Nicole came out and saw this scene, she immediately sighed.

Nicole got into another car and called Yvette.

“Have you really decided? That project doesn’t look like it gives much profit, but to you guys, it’s a long

-term project. Your mom will nag your ears off.” Yvette’s tone was indifferent.

“Just let her be. In any case, she can’t sleep unless she scolds me every day.”

Nicole paused. “Well, don’t have a mental burden about this. I think that you’re much better than Sean. Did you know? As far as I know, Sean had secretly begun to buy out his ex-wife’s company. Now that you stirred things up, he probably has no chance anymore.”

Yvette snorted coldly. “That man is really ruthless, huh?”

“Exactly. Luckily, you managed to cut him off in time. No one can guarantee that you won’t be his second ex-wife.”

Yvette gripped the phone and did not speak, but her heart seemed to be heavily struck.

She chuckled. That was true.

After all, when he insulted her back then, he said everything that could be said.

Her phone suddenly vibrated as a call came in. Yvette glanced at it and smiled.

“I’ll talk to you later. My husband is calling me. ” Then, she simply hung up on Nicole.

It took a long time before Nicole reacted and realized that Yvette’s husband was Lance.

Nicole laughed. How unbelievable!

Yvette picked up the call. “Mr. Sheldon? It’s been two days since you disappeared, and you finally remembered to call me? I thought you ran away after sleeping with me…”

Lance listened to her series of accusations and was silent for a moment.

He was still a little guilty about leaving after sleeping with her.

However, he did not expect her to say it so easily and frankly. It made his embarrassment decrease a little.

He paused, and his low voice came over the phone. “I’m sorry. I’ve been busy the past two days…”

Yvette smiled. “Aren’t you on a three-day business trip? Are you coming back tomorrow?”

Lance paused for a second. “I’m coming back today.”

Yvette was shocked. “Today?”

“Yeah, so… Can you pick me up at the airport?” Lance bit the bullet and put forward this request. Yvette fell silent.

The airport was in the opposite direction.

However, thinking about it, if she went back now, she would have been scolded half to d***h by her mother. In that case, it would be better to take Lance back with her. Once her mother is happy, maybe she won’t be as mad anymore!

However, Lance seemed to take this silence as Yvette’s reluctance.

He thought about it and said, “My assistant has some last-minute matters to attend to, and the driver also took leave…”


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