The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1494

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1494 – Don’t Understand Him

When Sean ‘s ex-wife cried enough, she laughed, stood up, and handed the agreement to the assistant.

“How could that be? We have a chance. We don’ t have to declare bankruptcy.”

The assistant looked at the transfer agreement and was ecstatic.

“ It’s a lot lower than the price we expected. We’re really saved!”

Sean’s ex-wife nodded.

She knew that she should not have taken it. Taking it meant that she could no longer blame Yvette for being a homewrecker.

She would not be able to stand on moral high ground and criticize Yvette’s character.

However, she also knew. What did Yvette do wrong?

If it were a starlet or an ordinary girl, she would not have been able to hold back even before the divorce. That was the standard for a mistress and a third party.

That high and mighty Ms. Quimbey had always been among the top in the circle. How could she be reduced to being someone else’s mistress?

She knew very well that Yvette was duped.

However, she could not help it. The first time Sean proposed a divorce to her, she had someone secretly investigate Yvette.

Yvette really did not know and was kept in the dark.

However, she also knew that Sean was not playing around. She could no longer cover her ears and sit back and do nothing.

Thus, she went to Yvette’ s door to show her face. She made Yvette feel ashamed and back out of the awkward situation.

In the end, what happened?

Yvette really did leave, but Sean’ s determination to divorce her became even stronger.

She still remembered what he said to her when he sat in front of her with extremely cold eyes.

“You shouldn’t have hurt her. She doesn’t know anything. ”

Who was hurting who?

Was this her fault?

It was true that she demanded this marriage, but Sean agreed to it too. They exchanged interests, and there were no emotional disputes.

It seemed like she should turn a blind eye to his countless affairs without any moral burden.

However, she could not bear it. Anyone else would be fine, but Yvette ‘ s family background was much stronger than what she could give.

Once Sean got serious, he was bound to abandon her and the resources behind her.

At that time, she would have nothing left. Unexpectedly, they still ended up getting divorced.

She just could not hold back and slapped Yvette. Sean insisted on divorcing, and even found a lawyer to fight the lawsuit.

He was very straightforward and gave her all the property she was owed. He was not considered to have bullied her.

He also promised to continue to support her family, which made opposition from her family quell. They did not have any problems with it anymore.

Under pressure from all sides, she signed her name.

However, she did not intend to move out of the Moore family residence. Fortunately, Sean’s mother had always been on her side. Sean did not say anything either, but from then on, he never went back to live there.

She always knew that Sean was a refined egoist and a hyena that gobbled up meat on sight. He would not let go of any resources easily.

Unexpectedly, in front of Yvette, he put on a different mask. It seemed like all his best sides were given to Yvette.

Even when Yvette messed up his cooperation with Eric Ferguson, he never really gave up on her.

If she thought that he was doing it for resources, maybe she might have felt better.

However, gradually, she realized that he was not.

His main network resources were still given by her. Yvette did not provide him with any help there.

However, he was still willing to be with Yvette.

Somewhere along the line, he started to divest interests with her. This news made her panic.

What did he say?

“You can’t keep s*****g my blood. I won’t just keep standing by and let you take advantage of me either.”

He was breaking his word, but she was in no position to even accuse him.

They already divorced, so what else could she threaten him with?


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