The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1485

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1485 – It’s Quite Bitter

The impression Lance left on Yvette was that he was mature, stable, meticulous, and smooth in the ways of the world. He had a soul that was indifferent to everything.

That was what she thought.

However, was it true?

Yvette looked sideways and suddenly became overwhelmed with curiosity about the man in front of her.

His ex-girlfriend took his money and ran, but he did not care in the least, as if that was not his girlfriend.

Lance did not get angry, disappointed, or crazy. He did not even care.

In that case, what did he care about?

Yvette wanted to ask, but she felt like with their current relationship, it was impossible.

They were not a couple with deep feelings for each other. They were merely husband and wife in a marriage alliance who needed to cultivate their feelings.

When Lance heard her words, he slowly turned his head. His eyes were dark as ink, flickering with something unknown.

Yvette very skillfully flicked the cigarette ash. The cigarette had a refined and cool taste and did not give off a greasy and nasty feeling at all.

She blinked her foggy eyes and subconsciously took a drag.

Looking up at Lance again, Yvette was just about to pass him the cigarette in her hand when her vision suddenly went dark. His broad figure blocked all the light in front of her.

Before she could react, Lance bent down and leaned over. His cool lips covered hers, and with a gentle flick of his tongue, Yvette subconsciously opened her mouth, as if he had cast some kind of spell on her.

Lance tasted the smoke that was left in her mouth with gentle movements but with a compulsion that could not be refused.

The cigarette lingered on his lips until he could no longer taste it, then he finally let go without any hesitation as if it was just for a taste.

Yvette frowned as she stood there and felt her head go dizzy.

There was no sound around. The two people were immersed in the darkness and did not feel embarrassed.

The silence stretched on. No one wanted to break it. Then, Lance chuckled and spoke in a low voice.

“It’s quite bitter.”

Yvette let out a faint “mm”.

Lance said, “This is a fashion cigarette? I remember the one my mother used to smoke wasn’t this bitter nor this strong. ”

His feedback was serious as if he was discussing some professional academic issues with her.

If not for the deep k**s earlier, Yvette might have really discussed with him the percentage of ingredients contained in this cigarette.

Yvette wanted to look up at him, but the light inside the corridor was completely blocked, and she could only see his general outline in front of her.

The cigarette b****d to her fingertips, and she only reacted when she felt the heat approaching her fingers. Her eyes glimmered.

“It’s sweet too, isn’t it?” Lance fell silent.

It seemed like there was no “sweetness” when he recalled the taste earlier.

Yvette blinked. She seemed calm without any emotion showing on the surface, but her heart was bubbling like boiling water.

She wanted to find an outlet for her dizziness, her heartbeat, her uncontrollable emotions.

“Did you forget?”

Did he forget whether there was any sweetness? Lance nodded honestly.

He really did not taste sweetness in the cigarette earlier.

Did he overlook it?

What a pity.

However, the next second, a soft arm suddenly clung to his neck.

His back was pressed against the floor-to-ceiling window. Outside the window were the cold wind and heavy traffic. The colorful lights flickered and blurred.

It seemed like the whole world had nothing to do with him.

His arms wrapped around her waist. It was as soft and wonderful as he imagined. Just a gentle touch made every nerve in his body feel tense.

What a femme fatale!


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