The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1480

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1480 – I’m Disappointed in You

As Yvette and Sean spent more and more time together, Yvette could feel that Sean was getting tired of dealing with their feelings for each other.

If it was not for the disappointment that had built up over time, Yvette would not have left decisively because of a girl’s sudden appearance.

Yvette knew that it was time for them to go their separate ways.

Not getting married on impulse at first was the wisest thing she had done.

Today, she was glad that this decision left her a way out.

Yvette raised her eyes and looked at Sean without a ripple in her eyes.

“I’m not impulsive, Sean. During our time together, you can also feel that we’re no longer the same as we were in the beginning. Rather than have our feelings fade over time, it’s best to just break it off now.”

Sean asked, “So that’s what it’s like to you?” “Yes.” Yvette curled her lips. “Isn’t it? Even if you’re divorced, you’re still so close to your ex— wife. You can’t let go of the support her family gives you, and you’re still trying to act torn. Even I feel tired for you.”

Sean’s face was tense. He wanted to say something, but he swallowed his words.

His eyes were gloomy and red as he looked at Yvette in front of him. He hated her, but he also felt powerless.

Sean had only ever felt this woman’s warmth that was burning like the sun. He coveted this warmth and thought that it would always be burning.

He did not expect that this warmth would also leave him one day.

She was so decisive that he did not even have time to prepare himself.

Yvette saw that he did not say anything and thought that he acquiesced. At that moment, she felt relieved that she did not wrong him.

“In that case, it’s better to part ways amicably. You can remarry your ex-wife. Don’t come back to me. Let’s just pretend to be strangers.”

Saying that, Yvette broke away from Sean ‘s grip,

turned around, and left.

Yvette knew that Sean and his ex-wife’s interests were inseparable. When they got a divorce, they did not split their property.

They just took a divorce certificate. The many interests behind the scenes were never cut off.

This meant that in the countless decades to come, Yvette was bound to carry the title of being the third party if she appeared in public with Sean.

Yvette felt aggrieved.

“Yvette—” Sean suddenly called out to her. His voice was deep and cold. Those words that brewed in his throat for a long time came out as something else. “I’m disappointed in you.”

Yvette did not turn around and curled her lips.“ Likewise.”

Why would they not be disappointed in each other?

Yvette gave up everything to be with Sean, but what did she get in the end?

All she got was Sean ‘s diminishing love, his insults and rebuke, and his ex-wife’s sister’s reckless humiliation.

Yvette was really blind.

After she finished, she lifted her feet and left, not wanting to stay one more second.

Yvette had always been clear-cut and extremely quick to pull away from emotional matters.

Back then, she was able to pull away from the news of Grant ‘s marriage, so now, she could also think through her failed relationship with Sean.

Sean looked at her fading silhouette and unconsciously clenched his fists.

He waited there all afternoon not to make their relationship more rigid but somehow, he just could not control himself. Those hurtful words came out like a sharp knife that stabbed her.

Sean also felt very sad.

He stood there, extremely helpless. He felt as if all the strength in his body faded.

The warm and bubbly Yvette who ran to him back then just left like that.

From then on, everything was gloomy.


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