The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1472

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1472 – Add Each Other’s Numbers

Lance chose a very concise way that was not b****l, giving Yvette some room to adapt.

Yvette had nothing to say.

It was just that when she looked at Lance’s sincere eyes, her heart suddenly softened a little.

Perhaps this was the advantage of mature men.

Yvette thought that it was not too bad if Lance was her husband.

She nodded, raised her eyebrows, and happily agreed.


Yvette originally thought that they would just put on an act in front of their families and would each have their own affairs in private.

However, Lance was obviously very serious about this relationship.

If Yvette brought it up, Lance probably would not refuse, but Yvette felt that it would be insulting to him.

Yvette could not mention it unless Lance brings it up first. She must stand on the moral high ground with him.

Lance saw that Yvette agreed and looked more delighted.

“Then we’ll make our relationship public during the wedding, but of course, you can always tell the people around you. Our mothers will deal with the details of the wedding. If you have any ideas, you can communicate with them.”

After hearing Lance’ s words, Yvette could already frankly accept the fact of their wedding completely.

She nodded her head and said that she would definitely get involved in the wedding planning.

After all, this was her first wedding, so it had to be a memorable night.

Lance continued, “Ms. Quimbey, I hope that we can grow old together.”

Yvette’s body stiffened slightly as she looked back a t him.

Lance was serious. His handsome face was magnified in front of her eyes, and his words struck straight at her heart.

Her heart skipped a beat as if she was e**********d.

Grow old together?

Yvette dared not even think about it.

Even when she was with Sean, Yvette did not think about growing old together.

However, when these words came from Lance’s mouth, they had an inexplicable unbreakable faith as if he could really do it.

He also hoped that she could do it.

The two of them were working hard for this marriage.

Lance did not mention “love” at all, but Yvette felt that his words carried more weight than love.

At that moment, it was as if she had put an end to the first half of her reckless life.

However, she did not reject this feeling. She smiled slowly and met his gaze.

“Mr. Sheldon, please take care of me for the rest of our lives then.”

Lance also smiled.

Yvette took out her phone. “Let’s add each other on WhatsApp?”

Lance paused and hurriedly took out his phone to scan the code on WhatsApp.

The two of them were already married, but they still did not add each other on WhatsApp.

No one would believe it.

Yvette felt burdened, yet relieved. They then looked around the large new house.

Lance followed right behind, introducing the rooms from time to time.

“This is the master bedroom. The orientation is nice. Do you like the style? If you don’t like it, I’ll get the interior designer to redesign it.”

Yvette smiled. “No need, I like it very much.” It was a simple yet luxurious style. She loved it. Lance also smiled. “That’s good.”

Next to it was another room.

Yvette frowned. “Why is the guest room so close together?”

It was inconvenient, right?

Lance pursed his lips. “This is the nursery for our future baby.”

Yvette nodded awkwardly, then quickly closed the door.

When Lance bought this house, he was really looking at the long term.

A softness flashed in Lance’s eyes when he saw Yvette’s dodging action from the back.

It seemed that Fiona’ s insistence was not without reason.

After going around the house, they went back to the master bedroom.

They did not check out the large bed. Yvette preferred to look at the swing that was on the balcony.

The sun was shining, and the breeze was gentle. Life like this felt great.

Lance stood not far away watching Yvette and was unwilling to disturb this scene.


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