The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1471

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1471 – Rich Relationship Experience

Lance held Yvette’s hand and registered her fingerprints into the door.

Yvette felt that her hand was a little hot, but withdrawing her hand like that would look pretentious.

She looked at him. Lance’s side profile was very handsome, deep, and clear in the light. He always gave the impression of warmth on the surface, but the kind that was unreadable.

After registering her fingerprints, Lance let go of Yvette. “Done. The next time you come over, you can just walk straight in.”

Yvette hurriedly retracted her hand, nodded, and looked away.

Lance smiled and led her in.

“This house isn’t a new purchase. After we reserved it, we’d forgotten about it and never lived here before. My mother likes this area. She was looking at houses around here, and this was available. The decor is decent, so I just simply cleaned it up and took this place as our new house. You won’t mind, right?”

Yvette hurriedly shook her head.


How could she mind?

This house was so expensive. She could not find anything wrong with it.

Why would she mind that they bought it early?

Unless she was kicked in the head by a donkey.

Lance said, “The Sheldon family’s roots are in Cali. Although we have business dealings here, our main focus won’t be here. This is also our temporary house. We’ll pick a date to bring you back home to visit. While we’re here, we’ll just stay here, okay?”

He was patiently asking for her opinion.

Lance even used words like “go back home”, implying that he already considered her as his wife.

Yvette’s face was burning up.

She pursed her lips and looked back at him. “Lance, I feel like I’m dreaming right now…”

Lance froze and smiled.“ Before today, I also feel like I’ve been dreaming.”

He shrugged to express some helplessness.

“But that’s the way it is. It can’t be changed anymore.”

Yvette sighed with relief, but she wrinkled her brows.

“But I still feel a little uncomfortable…”

Lance lowered his head to look at her. His voice was quiet.

“Take your time and adapt slowly. Let’s adapt to this together, okay?”

His voice was low, warm, and gentle as if it could compel Yvette’s heart.

Yvette subconsciously nodded her head. Afterward, she looked up at him.

“Are you really willing to marry me?” Lance was stunned.

His eyes darkened slightly.

Lance smiled.“ It’s a fait accompli. Of course, I’m willing.”

His answer was beyond Yvette’s expectations. Yvette bit her lower lip and felt a little embarrassed. “You know, I have quite a rich relationship

experience… I just broke up two days ago…” Lance laughed and was very calm.

“Well, you already broke up, right? Then I’m not considered a third party. My past isn’t exactly a blank sheet of paper either. As long as you don’t mind me, we’ll be fine.”

His voice was warm and clear, with a sense of perseverance.

Lance’s frankness and self-deprecation made Yvette drop her burden and wariness all of a sudden.

No wonder Mrs. Quimbey, who was such a picky person, was all praise for Lance.

Yvette could not find any flaws with this man after spending time with him.

How could there be such a person in this world?

Yvette’ s eyebrows twitched. She finally raised her eyes to look at him and said honestly, “I’m not sure how we should get along…”

Lance was stunned and smiled. His voice was warm and steady. “We can get to know each other gradually. We’ll be frank with each other, like friends, so we won’t have a rift and can solve any problems in time. Of course, if you can’t adapt to our relationship for a while, we can take our time.

From friends to lovers, and eventually to a married couple. Is that okay?”


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