The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1467

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1467 – Spare Me

Trying to get Eric to compromise was not a simple matter.

Eric had not bowed his head to anyone else except for Nicole.

However, Angie wanted to press Eric’ s head down. She might be courageous or just suicidal.

Eric was silent for a few seconds without making a sound. His sharp gaze had a bloodthirsty coldness. “Do as she says.”

Mitchell let out a sigh of relief. “Yes, sir.”

He went out to order the PR department to do as requested and watched as Angie returned with some snacks that she just bought.

Mitchell froze for a moment.

He could tell that she bought them from a store downstairs.

Mitchell met Angie face to face and could not avoid her even if he wanted to.

Angie looked at him and smiled devilishly.

“Mitchell, has Mr. Ferguson compromised?”

Mitchell was flabbergasted and nodded. “Mr. Ferguson decided to prioritize the big picture.”

He gave his boss a good excuse.

Angie smiled. “He’s not invulnerable, is he?”

Mitchell lowered his head, not daring to answer the question.

After all, Angie was indeed the first person who could force Eric to compromise.

Angie did not care about Mitchell’s reaction and smiled as she surveyed the office.

“I’m going to look around. After all, being his fiancée is just the first step. I’ll be married to him soon, so I’ll be here a lot from now on.”

Mitchell’s face stiffened, and his heart was incomparably shocked. ‘This woman really dared to dream! Marry Eric?’

On the surface, Mitchell looked unfazed, but he was secretly worrying for Eric.

It looked like Eric had a tricky problem coming his way.

“Mitchell, is there nothing you want to ask me? It looks like you’re curious about me, and so are the others, but they didn’t have the chance to ask…”

Mitchell paused and raised his eyes to look at her.

“Ms. Angie, do you really not mind being a substitute?”

Mitchell wanted to ask a lot of questions, but only this question came to his mouth.

Since Angie appeared, she had been deliberately imitating Nicole.

Last night, although Mitchell did not know what happened, Mitchell knew that Eric had great self- control. Ordinary women were not attractive to Eric, and Eric was not the kind of person who would misbehave after drinking.

Eric would only jump into the fire if Angie somehow made it about Nicole.

Time and time again, it was all about Nicole.

They were both women, and women were notoriously infamous for their intense jealousy.

Did Angie really not mind?

Angie looked at Mitchell and curled her lips into a smile.

The corners of her eyes were curved slightly upward, with a deliberately suppressed chill and slyness.

“I don’t mind. I always like a win-win situation where both parties are willing. He’ll think of Ms. Stanton when he looks at me, and I’ll get to be with him. Isn’t that a win-win situation?”

Angie said it as a matter of course without a hint of delay.

Her logic was really not quite the same as ordinary people’s.

Mitchell smiled. “I have no more questions. Goodbye, Ms. Angie.”

Angie suddenly called out to him. Her voice was a little cold.

“Mitchell, how many family members do you have?”

Somehow, Mitchell suddenly felt that this question gave him the creeps.

It was especially so since this question came from the mouth of an arms dealer.

Mitchell inexplicably felt a burst of chill.

He took a few seconds to catch his breath before speaking solemnly.

“Please spare me! I didn’t mean to pry!”

After saying that, Mitchell immediately turned around and left.

If he stayed one more second, he suspected that Angie might pull out a gun from her waist at any time and shoot him.

It really felt like he was walking on the edge of a knife.

Angie sneered. She had never seen such a cowardly person before.

Half an hour later. Stanton Corporation.

Nicole sat in the office and had been watching entertainment gossip all morning.

She unapologetically looked at Eric and Angie’s news.


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