The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1456

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Lance blinked and looked at her with deep eyes, wanting to say something.

Yvette patted his shoulder. “It won’t matter if you help me this time, right? Don’t worry, no one will know!”

None of them would say anything.

Lance’s words were swallowed back. What else could he say?

“Ms. Quimbey, if you don’t mind, why would a man like me mind?”

He sat there and smiled frankly.

His eyelashes were lowered, which cast a faint shadow on his face. He looked silent and reticent.

There was something seductive about him.

Yvette froze for a moment and smiled. “But why did you suddenly make a move just now?”

She felt that at that moment, Lance was incredibly cool and handsome, so much so that she had the urge to marry him immediately.

However, in retrospect, Lance was not such an impulsive person.

Lance paused and shrugged. “You were about to cry, so how can I still sit in the car? Since he bullied you, it’s only right to retaliate!”

In his impression, Yvette was not someone who would willingly suffer a loss.

If others dared to mess with her, she would swing a beer bottle to their head regardless of how rich or powerful that person was.

However, when Lance was in the car and saw Yvette’s stoic look, he could not stand it.

Lance could not hold back any longer, so he got out of the car and punched Sean.

Yvette nodded heavily as she held the first aid kit in her arms.

“Of course, there won’t be a next time. I was just caught off guard. Even if you don’t make a move, I won’t suffer for nothing.”

Lance looked at her with amusement. His voice was low and raspy.

“Mm, I think so too, but I’m afraid that if I don’t help you, my mother will k**l me when she finds out.”

Yvette smiled. Her heart suddenly cleared up. ‘ Turns out it’s because of Aunt Fiona. This way, everything makes sense. ‘

Thus, on this sleepless night, Yvette went back to her master bedroom while Lance stayed in the guestroom.

Lance did not have any opinion since he was here to help Yvette, not to mention this was Yvette’s request.

Yvette thought that after what happened with Sean, she would not be able to sleep, at least not so easily.

As a result, she fell asleep as soon as her head touched the pillow.

If it was not for the alarm clock early in the morning, Yvette would not have woken up at all.

Yvette was not a dedicated worker. She just did not want to make her mother angry again, so she could only be conscientious to behave better.

She was still wearing a thin spaghetti strap silk nightgown without anything underneath when she walked out of her room with her eyes closed as usual to wash up. The faucet in the master bathroom was broken, and she had been too lazy to find someone to fix it, so she had to use the guest bathroom.

As soon as she went out, she heard a movement in the guest bathroom.

She had forgotten that there was someone else in the house.

Her mind was muddled as she followed the sound.

She did not even bother to open her eyes. When she stood in the doorway and reluctantly opened her eyes, she came face to face with a cold, handsome, angular face. The man was n***d.

Yvette instantly woke up.

She stared at him with wide and shocked eyes.


Lance only wanted to take a shower. He slept too late last night, and he was afraid that his wound would get infected. After holding on all night, he just could not stand it anymore.

He felt that if he did not take a shower, he would not be able to walk out of this door.

Who would have thought that Yvette would wake up now?

Lance’s face was a little red, but his voice was still calm and collected.

“Sorry, do you need to use the bathroom?”

Yvette subconsciously nodded and pointed to the bathroom in her bedroom. “The faucet in the master bathroom is loose, so I need to use this bathroom.”

Lance calmly wrapped himself with a bath towel and calmly walked out of the bathroom.

“I’ll help you to take a look.”

This was the first time they faced such a scene, so they were unsure how to reverse this awkward situation.

Thus, they could only brace themselves and ignore this awkward feeling.

Yvette nodded. “Yes, please. Thank you…” How polite!


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