The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1455

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1455 – Humiliated by Him

Yvette stood there, trembling all over.

Before she could fully say goodbye to her past, Sean stabbed a knife into her.

Yvette thought that the breakup was an external factor between them, like his ex-wife and his family. His sister-in-law was the trigger this time.

It turned out to be none of those.

The wind in the darkness turned into sharp swords that cut through her defenses with a slash.

Yvette would probably never forget this night when she was humiliated by the man she loved.

The man she thought was her true love regarded her as such.

Lance and Sean’ s strengths were uncompromising as they fought with each other. Their fists landed on each other’s faces and bodies without holding back.

Sean’s ruthlessness was trained since childhood from being in real fights. His moves were b****l and aggressive.

Lance had been learning martial arts since he was a child. His moves were standard, but he was not at the slightest disadvantage compared to Sean.

Yvette stood there and took a full minute to recover her composure.

Soon, she lifted her head, walked over, and looked at the men who were fighting relentlessly. She shouted coldly, “Stop!”

The two men looked over in unison. Yvette walked over expressionlessly and looked at the two people who were lying limp on the ground, both gasping for air.

Yvette walked toward Lance.

Lance was surprised as he stood up with her help, then his eyes grew darker as he glanced at Sean.

At this moment, Sean could not suppress the coldness and gloominess on his face.

Sean stared at Yvette intently and did not move.

However, Yvette did not care to look at Sean. She just looked down at Lance’s injuries and said,“

Let’s go, I’ll dress your wounds.”

Anyone could feel the violence and tension surging, but none of them were afraid of each other.

When Yvette and Lance were about to go upstairs, Sean said in an extremely cold voice, “Yvette, may you both live a long and happy life together!” His blessing was said through clenched teeth.

Sean waited for Yvette to lose control and come over to hit and scold him, then his chance would come.

However, Sean did not know how damaging his words were.

Yvette raised her head, took a deep breath, held Lance’s arm tighter, and did not turn back.

Every word she said clearly transmitted into Sean’ s ears.

“Thank you!”

Yvette pulled Lance upstairs. She did not show any change in expression until she heard the sound of the car starting.

She walked to her door and pushed the door in. Lance stood at the door, hesitating.

Yvette turned to look at him and said in a calm tone, “Come in…”

Lance paused and walked inside. “Would it be… Inconvenient?”

Yvette laughed. “What’s so inconvenient about this? Didn’t you just see what happened? He even wished us a long and happy marriage!”

Lance looked at the expression on Yvette’s face to make sure that she was not forcing herself to be uncomfortable before he let out a sigh of relief.

He surveyed the surrounding decor. It was simple and luxurious, very much like her character.

It was not low-key at all.

Lance paused. Yvette had already gone into her bedroom.

When she came back out, she held a first aid kit and intended to dress Lance’s wounds.

Lance said dubiously, “This medicine isn’t expired, right?”

Yvette was stunned. “Medicine can e****e?!” Lance was speechless.

Yvette muttered, “Why are you so fussy even with medicine?”

With Yvette’s persistent persuasion, Lance had to apply the ointment on the wounds on his face, painting his face blue and green, which was extraordinarily funny.

Lance was worried that he would get drugged to d***h by the expired ointment and wanted to go to the hospital to check it out, but Yvette refused.

“What if Sean is still waiting down there when you leave?”

Lance asked, “You’re afraid that he’ll beat me to a pulp?”

He was a little offended that Yvette underestimated him so much.

Yvette said, “I’m just afraid that once you leave, he’ll come up here to find trouble with me. You should stay here for the night so that he can completely give up…”


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