The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1444

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1444 – Thinking Too Much

The living room seemed to be silent for a moment.

Clayton reacted and looked serious for a moment before he smiled at Yvette.

“Ms. Quimbey, you’re overthinking it. I just don’t want my beloved to see me looking so haggard.

That will just reduce my charm!”

Nicole laughed and looked back at Yvette.

“Yvette, don’t scare him. Lil Michael will pick up on all the wrong things… ”

Yvette snorted and did not want to dwell on it anymore. She turned around and went back into the kitchen.

Lil Michael came over and pried Clayton’s hand off o f Nicole. He held up his arm that was in a cast and looked at Clayton with a straight face.

“Daddy, when Pretty Lady went to pick me up from the hospital today…”

Lil Michael chattered continuously as Clayton patiently waited for him to finish without interrupting him.

Nicole went to the kitchen to prepare some fruit and gave Yvette a hand. She felt embarrassed for letting Yvette cook for several people.

Yvette glanced outside and leaned in close to Nicole. “What I just said is not a joke! You have to be more careful!”

Nicole gave her a look.

“He won’t do something like that. You’re thinking too much.”

Nicole knew very well what kind of person Clayton was.

She also knew that if Clayton were to have an affair, it was useless to be on guard.

Nicole was not a clingy person.

The best way to deal with a relationship that had no future was to stop it in time.

However, Clayton would not betray Nicole.

Yvette shook her head. “You can’t just look at the surface, and you can’t just focus on the present.

Even the best men have weaknesses.”

She wanted to continue talking, but Clayton had already come to the door as he rolled up his sleeves.

“Let me help…”

Nicole saw his long and strong forearms and smiled.

“Mr. Sloan, you must be tired after a business trip. Why don’t you take a good rest first?”

Clayton’s warm eyes had a hint of helplessness.

“I still have the energy to cook. You and Ms. Quimbey should wait outside. I’ll cook. Consider it compensation for letting you guys wait for me, huh?”

Nicole still wanted to say something. Yvette had already put down the things in her hand, looked at the already burnt food inside the pan, and easily found a way out for herself.

“Well, then let’s just give Mr. Sloan a chance to perform. If you need help, just call us!”

After saying that, Yvette quickly threw down her apron and ran out.

Nicole looked at Yvette’s“ masterpiece” and was speechless for a moment.

She looked back at Clayton, who had put on his apron with a smile on his face. His slender body had a hint of cool nobility, but his face was warm, which made his cold temperament more down-to-earth.

Clayton smiled and squeezed her wrist affectionately.

“Why don’t you wait outside too?”

Nicole asked, “You really don’t need me to help you?”

“Of course not! You’d better not touch a drop of water. Otherwise, I’ll feel guilty for making a goddess do commoner’s work!”

Nicole snorted and did not say much as she put the things down.

“Then sorry to trouble you, Mr. Sloan.”

Clayton chuckled and watched Nicole walk out before he began to clean up the mess in an orderly manner.

Nicole and Yvette were watching a TV series while Lil Michael sat on the floor and commented on it from time to time. They looked so harmonious.

A few minutes later, Clayton came out of the kitchen with the washed fruit and brought it to them.

“Have some fruit first?”

The vibrant strawberries were placed on the fruit platter, along with some blueberries and cherries. They looked extremely fresh and delicious.

Yvette glanced at him.

“Mr. Sloan, please hurry up and cook. We’re all hungry because we waited for you!”

“Yes, Ms. Quimbey…”

Clayton smiled helplessly, then returned to the kitchen.

Nicole glared at Yvette, who lifted her chin haughtily.

“You’re already heartbroken for him? You’ll lose your advantage if you’re like this! Do you want your BFF or him?”


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