The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1428

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1428 – No Choice

As Ann spoke, her eyes tinged with a deranged smile.

It was as if she would never give up until she reached her goal.

Eric’s eyes were cold. His pupils were dark, and the temperature in his eyes when he looked at her dropped even more.

When he heard the name “Nicole” coming from Ann, his eyes became even colder.

Nicole was his taboo. No one could mention her.

Nicole’s makeup on Ann’s face looked very odd, like an out-of-control marionette. It made him feel like destroying her.

Ann looked at Eric, determined to win.

“Eric, I’m willing to dress up as the person you like forever. I don’t care at all. From the first time I met you, I fell in love with you. I felt that you had to be mine.”

She smiled willfully.

Eric’s tone was cold. “Is that so? You must be delusional.”

Ann smiled at him. “Of course not. During that explosion on the streets of Europe five years ago, you saved Nicole, but you also saved me. Did you think you just saved a random ordinary person?”

Eric’s gaze sank slightly. His expression tightened unpleasantly.

He fell silent.

Ann laughed. “Of course not. I’ve been looking for you ever since. I had them arrange that underground fight. I wanted you to lose so that you’ll completely belong to me, and you’d be free from your unit. It was Nicole who disrupted my whole plan. She actually took you away.”

There was a hint of resentment and unwillingness in Ann’s tone.

“ I wanted to go find you, but my father said that you and I are not the same kind of people, so we can’t be together. I had no power to resist, so I could only watch as you left. Nicole got off easy. She actually married you? You should have been mine!”

There was a hint of regret in her tone, making people shudder at the sound of it.

Eric raised his eyes. His thin lips parted.

“You tried to harm me. Nicole was the one who saved me. I’ll never be with you!”

It turned out that the explosion five years ago led to so many other things.

Eric only remembered that he and his fellow soldiers saved many people that day. No matter which country they were from, as long as they were trapped in the middle of the war, Eric was duty- bound.

At a command, they would give up their lives.

However, Eric never thought that it was the woman in front of him who set up the underground fight, and it was Nicole who took him away.

At that thought, his heart felt like it was being stabbed by a knife. Eric lost the person who took him out of danger.

He completely lost her.

Ann smiled wickedly. “That’s not necessarily true. I have all the means to keep you by my side. I’m an unruly person, but for you, I’m willing to abide by the rules. Otherwise, how did your comrades return to Mediania?”

She laughed softly. ” It was because I helped to get Hendrick Carter’s body and returned him to you. Have you forgotten? You thought that was the first meeting between us.” Eric narrowed his eyes. Yes.

The war was filled with smoke, and all that filled his ears was the sound of gunfire mixed with the cries of adults and children. It was extremely tragic.

Even a psychiatrist would break down in an experience like that.

On that battlefield, a bullet grazed Eric’s body. Hendrick pushed Eric away and ended up with an extra gunshot to his body. Hendrick never woke up again.

Eric lost his comrade and brother. During that time, he did not know how he managed to survive.

Hendrick died. Hendrick died for him.

The others took Eric away, but they did not take Hendrick’s body.

Later, that area became a war zone, and no one dared to step foot in it. Anyone who came close became cannon fodder.

It was then that Eric felt the cruelty and ruthlessness of war for the first time.

Even though they were peacekeeping troops, there were still guns and bullets darting at them.


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