The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1425

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1425 – A Lunatic’s Provocation

Stanton Corporation.

In the afternoon, Nicole finally finished dealing with a tricky problem when Logan knocked and came in. He had a complicated expression.


Nicole glanced at him. “Speak…”

Logan said, “Someone wants to meet you. She looks a lot like you… And her name is Ann!”

Not only did they look alike, but even their names were also the same.

Logan almost recognized the wrong person.

Thus, he hurried over to ask.

Nicole raised her eyes. That woman actually came to her door?

Her heart could not help but be a little surprised.

Logan scratched his head.“ It’s not that similar, but I can’t pinpoint what’s similar either.”

The corners of Nicole’ s mouth twitched.“ I know who she is, but I’m not familiar with her. Just say that I’m busy and won’t meet her.”

Logan nodded and left immediately after getting Nicole’s response.

A few minutes later, he came back.

“President, that woman says she has something important to see you for, and that you’ll regret it if you don’t see her.”

Nicole curled her lips. “Did I grow up under the threats of others?”

Logan froze. He understood what she meant and turned around to go out.

Ann was confident that her arrival would definitely cause a big stir. Her grand appearance last night had the good effect she anticipated.

Thus, she came here.

Everyone was full of questions about her arrival. She was so confident about her identity that she was not afraid of being investigated, let alone their curiosity.

Unexpectedly, Nicole refused to see her. Should she not be the most curious one? In front of Ann, Logan was polite and cold.

“Ms. Ann, the President is really very busy. Please make an appointment in advance next time before you come so as not to cause such a delay.”

The arrogance on Ann’s face shattered a little, and a trace of disbelief seemed to flash by.

Did Nicole not have any curiosity about her at all?

If Nicole refused to meet her, Ann could not continue to stay either. Ann coldly glanced in the direction of Nicole’ s office, turned around, and left.

Ferguson Corporation.

Eric looked at the people in the conference room. His sunken gaze swept over the people present, and his tone was cold and intimidating.

“This is the proposal you came up with? Do you not want to work in your positions anymore?”

The people in the room did not even dare to breathe. They shrunk into their clothes like the cold winter months.

They wanted to find a crack in the ground to hide in.

Eric’s temper seemed to be back to its original point, unreasonable and merciless.

They did not have a good time recently.

Mitchell looked at the person in front of him and examined her closely. Ann looked up at him casually.

“Seen enough?”

Mitchell froze and hurriedly withdrew his gaze, finally realizing his rudeness.

“My apologies, Ms. Ann. What were you saying?”

Mitchell almost thought that the person in front of him was Nicole.

However, upon closer look, she did not look like Nicole.

Nicole would never look at a person with such a harsh gaze unless she hated the person deeply.

However, in Ann’s eyes, she carried a vicious k*****g intent no matter who she looked at.

It made people shudder.

Ann swept a cold glance at Mitchell. “Tell Eric Ferguson to come out and see me.”

Although Mitchell was dissatisfied in his heart, he had enough professionalism to deal with all sorts of trouble.

“Ms. Ann, the President is in a meeting now. I’m afraid it’ll take quite a while…”

Ann raised her eyes and spoke in an extremely cold tone.

“Charles Ferguson is in my hands. Go ask if he wants to come out.”

Mitchell’s smile stiffened and instantly faded. Charles was Eric’s father.

However, Charles’ ability was not as excellent as his son’s. Old Master Ferguson supported Eric, so Charles was unable to stay and ran to Australia on his own initiative.


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