The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1420

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1420 She Likes Thin Waists

The series of movements were fluent, skillful, and crisp.

Nicole had already arrived at Clayton ‘s door before she could react.

She scratched her head and looked at him with misty eyes.

“Clayton, you’re back?”

Clayton looked at her with a deep gaze and hummed.

Sure enough, Nicole drank too much.

Nicole once again threw herself into his arms and muttered.

Clayton frowned. He did not hear her since her voice was too soft.

He lifted her face and narrowed his eyes.

“What did you say?”

Nicole smiled, brilliant as the sun, and wrapped her hands around his waist.

“I said that your waist is really thin. It’s thinner than Ian’s and Fabian’s….”

In an instant, the air seemed to freeze for a moment.

Clayton’s eyes were deep as he looked at her.

“Is that so?”

Nicole nodded firmly.

“Yup! ”

She grinned and praised him. “This size is great. I like slim waists!”

Clayton’s face was dark and sunken. There seemed to be a huge storm brewing inside his eyes, a storm that was about to sweep everything away.

He held her waist even tighter in his arms. His expression was taut and unpleasant, and even his usual warmth disappeared without a trace.

Nicole felt uncomfortable. His hands were too forceful, so she wanted to get away, but Clayton did not budge at all.

As soon as she moved, Clayton doubled his force.

After entering the door, Clayton pressed her up against the door and stared at her with dark eyes.

“Do you like my waist?”

Nicole looked at him in confusion and nodded subconsciously, reaching out to hug his waist.

She always liked his waist. Clayton’s figure was perfectly proportioned, not like the kind of greasy macho man.

His body was tall, lean, and strong, especially his waist, which was more perfect than models.

Nicole enjoyed holding him every time. There was no trace of fat.

However, Clayton suddenly blocked her hand and narrowed his eyes at her.

“How do you know Ian ‘ s and Fabian ‘ s waist size? Did you hug them before?”

There was a hint of danger.

Even if Nicole was drunk, she still felt it. A white light flashed in her mind.

She shook her head. “Nope! ”

Clayton sighed in relief. His gaze instantly became gentle.

Then, she continued, “They were the ones who hugged me!”

She was not the one who took the initiative.

In an instant, Clayton’s face turned cold again.

He squeezed her waist and held her in his arms.“ That so?”

If he had known, he would not be so polite to Ian tonight.

As for Fabian…

Clayton suddenly remembered that he saw a s*****l about Nicole and Fabian before.

It was from then on that the rumor spread that Nicole liked young idols.

However, the matter later died down.

Nicole was about to explain herself, but Clayton ‘s shadow suddenly loomed over her, blocking the words she wanted to say…

Later, it seemed like Clayton was deliberately torturing her, and they tossed around until very late. No matter what Nicole said to plead for mercy, he remained unmoved.

In the end, Nicole was too tired to say a word, and he was finally willing to let her go.

In her last consciousness, she suddenly felt that Clayton was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

What gentleness? What modesty and tenderness? That was all false!

The next day, the sun warmly enveloped every inch of the room.

Nicole woke up.

Her body felt like it was falling apart. She was too tired to even lift her arms.

However, her body was fresh and clean, and there was no discomfort at all.

Looking down, Nicole noticed that all the sheets and quilts had been replaced with new ones.

It seemed like Clayton did a very good job with the aftermath.

She felt a breath stuck in her chest and felt around for her phone next to her, but it was switched off.

There was no doubt who the person who switched it off was.

Her chest felt suffocated.


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