The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1411

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1411 – You’re Not the Target

Old Master Carter paced around them twice and smiled.

“Good. Nicole, you have a good eye! Mr. Sloan is a talented man with outstanding abilities. Your father must be overjoyed, right?”

Nicole’s lips twitched as she remained silent, letting this topic slide in jest.

If her father were to know, he might d*e of anger.


Nicole did not dare to entertain the thought.

Old Master Carter was clearly interested in Clayton.

He pulled Clayton and chatted with him for a while before letting them leave.

Nicole did not want to socialize since she felt that it was too annoying. After a few people came to exchange pleasantries with her, she made excuses to run away.

Clayton was left there to helplessly take over everyone’s greetings.

Yvette popped up from somewhere and went over with a grin.

“You left Mr. Sloan behind? I heard that everyone is very interested in him, but those who want to build connections with him can’t find a way to.”

Nicole pursed her lips. “Whatever. Let him deal with it. It’ll be boring if I took him with me.”

Yvette wanted to say something mocking but she suddenly remembered something and leaned into Nicole’s side to say in a small voice.

“Do you know what I saw earlier?” Nicole shook her head.

Yvette mysteriously pulled her upstairs.

“Come on. I’ll show you a scene you can’t even imagine.”

Nicole frowned.

What scene could she not imagine?

Nicole already saw enough wonderful scenes today.

She followed Yvette upstairs, where she was pulled to the railing on the second floor. Many seats around them were empty since everyone was more willing to socialize downstairs.


Yvette pointed to a relatively quiet direction below, where Nicole and Eric sat and talked face to face earlier.

Eric was still sitting there, drinking glass after glass of wine.

However, the person opposite him changed.

It was the woman that Riley brought who looked very similar to Nicole in figure and temperament — Ann.

Nicole was stunned and narrowed her eyes.

Ann sat there without saying anything and only calmly looked at Eric.

There seemed to be a strange atmosphere between them. Eric drank a lot of wine as he sat there without saying a word, and a cold chill that kept people away hung over him.

However, he had subconsciously already accepted Ann.

Ann stared at him with undisguised and ardent admiration in her gaze.

It was like a beast who found its prey.

Nicole’s heart thumped as she suddenly understood something.

From the beginning, Nicole had a strange feeling when seeing Ann, not because she felt like Ann was very similar to her, but because Ann ‘s eyes when she looked at her were dark and cold.

That kind of chill was even colder than the tundra. Nicole narrowed her eyes, bewildered.

It turned out that Ann’s target was not her but Eric!

Yvette leaned in. “Look. That woman must have come prepared. She even imitated your small movements. She imitated your sitting posture and even your gaze.

“No one will believe that it’s a coincidence!”

Nicole smirked. “I don’t believe that it’s a coincidence either.”

Now, Nicole seemed to faintly realize something. A thought flashed past.

Yvette said, “What is she planning? Is her background fake? Maybe she isn’t an arms dealer? Is she a con woman?”

“We’ll find out if we investigate. “

Nicole spoke faintly. She was not interested.

Since Ann’s target was not her, Nicole could not be bothered to meddle.

Eric was an adult. If he was so easily fooled, she could only say that he needed to grow a brain.

Yvette raised her brows and nodded. Then, she took a photo of that direction and uploaded it.

In an instant, Nicole saw that woman suddenly raise her head in alertness. Her gaze turned to their direction and landed on Nicole’s body.


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