The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1410

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1410 – Are You That Happy?

Mrs. Carter spoke calmly.

“Enough. It doesn’t matter what I say. He’s the Old Master’s favorite, so his word is the Old Master’s word.”

“Sister, what do you mean by that? Are you trying to draw a line between us? I’m your sister!”

Claire was anxious and frightened.

“You’re just not allowed to attend the Carter family’s public events in the future. You’re thinking too much.”

Mrs. Carter finished speaking and turned to leave.

Claire chased after her. “What about my Rley helping out in Carter Corporation? He specially came back to help Ian.”

A trace of impatience crossed Mrs. Carter’s eyes.

“Let’s talk about that later. As you can see, the Old Master only believes Ian now. He doesn’t listen to me at all.”

“Then what about Rley?”

Mrs. Carter said, “Just let him return to Liberty. Wasn’t he doing well there? Why did you tell him to come back?”

Claire was at a loss for words and stopped in her tracks.


Nicole held Clayton ‘s arm and wanted to see if he was still angry or not.

When she turned to the side, she saw a gentle smile at the corner of Clayton ‘s lips as he looked at her with affection.

She was stunned for a second. “Are you that happy?

Clayton held her hand tightly.

“Of course. I’m really happy today.”

“If you’re so happy to be scolded, it meant that you mistaking someone else for me was quite worth it, huh?”

Clayton ‘s eyes flickered, and he suddenly leaned into her ear.

“She isn’t worth it, but you are.” Nicole raised her brows. “That so?”

“It was my first time seeing you so angry. You were so beautiful. I was simply mesmerized!”

His voice was alluring and a little ticklish. His tone was low and mellow, extremely pleasant to hear, as if it could stir up her heart.

Nicole’s expression did not change, but her ears turned a little red.

“What nonsense are you saying?”

She hastened her steps and tried to fling his hand away, but it was no use. He held on tightly.

Clayton smiled. His eyes were filled with undisguised pleasure.

That woman’s appearance suddenly flashed in Nicole’s mind.

Nicole narrowed her eyes.

“Do we really look that alike?”

Clayton grinned at her. “Are you jealous?”

Nicole rolled her eyes. “You think too much. I’m asking if our backs look that similar?”

Seeing her serious look, Clayton put away his smile, frowned, and thought about it.

“It only looked very similar for a moment, but once I saw it up close, it didn’t look similar at all.”

Nicole nodded thoughtfully.

Clayton rubbed her head. “What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with her?”

Nicole smiled. “There’s nothing wrong. You’re too sensitive. Let’s go. “

Once they turned the corner, they reached the room where Old Master Carton was resting.

Nicole knocked on the door and walked in.

Old Master Carton already changed clothes and smiled when he saw them.

“Nicole, I knew that you were the one making a scene outside!”

Nicole pulled Clayton in casually.

“You should be happy I didn’t ruin the scene for you!”

Old Master Carter pointed at her helplessly.

“Your temper has always been bad. Don’t you know how to be tolerant? How did Claire offend you?”

Nicole pulled Clayton. “She offended my boyfriend. Let me introduce you. This is Clayton Sloan, my boyfriend!”

She introduced frankly and openly. Old Master Carter narrowed his eyes and sized Clayton up.

Clayton let himself be appraised and spoke politely and nobly.

“Mr. Carter, may you be blessed with happiness and longevity!”

Old Master Carter’s eyes flashed for an instant. “I remember now. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Sloan.”

He stood up and held out his hand, not looking perfunctory or casual like he was treating a junior.

He was very solemn.

Clayton nodded. “The pleasure is mine.”


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