The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1405

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1405 – He Didn’t Lay a Hand on Her

As Ian finished speaking, the crowd automatically parted for them.

Nicole saw Clayton standing there.

Clayton wore a luxurious black suit. He was handsome and gentle but carried a hint of a sharp chill.

Nicole did not know why Clayton was angry, but he was definitely mad.

Claire did not know who Clayton was. She was from a small circle who would never meet people like Clayton.

She thought that the biggest person who could not be offended was just Eric Ferguson.

The unfamiliar Clayton accidentally misidentified a person.

In order to please the arms dealer Ann, Claire refused to let go of the matter.

“You saw the wrong person? Your excuse is really low. I think you’re just trying to cop a feel. Shouldn’t you at least keep in mind the location and what kind of people are here? You actually dared to take advantage of Ms. Ann? I’ll call the cops to arrest you!”

The surrounding people all gathered over to watch the show.

Claire refused to let the matter drop. She had to let Ann know how dedicated she was to defend her.

Ann stood by the side coldly and did not say a single word. She just watched on with cold eyes.

No matter how good Clayton’ s temper was, he still got annoyed sometimes. He never expected the Carter family to have relatives of this caliber.

It was better not to come.

A very clear hint of harshness flashed in his eyes.

“I told you, I mistook her for someone else. I didn’t even lay a finger on her. You’re being ridiculous!”

“You’re just saying that you didn’t touch her. I saw everything with my own eyes. What are you still denying it for?” Claire did not relent.

Nicole glanced at Ian, who looked like he was watching a joke. He did not care that this was an event hosted by his family at all.

“Carter, you’re not going to care?”

Ian smiled. “How can I do anything to Mr. Sloan?

One word from him can change the entire situation in the business world. Unfortunately, my aunt is too stupid and doesn’t know who she offended yet.”

“You’re trying to use someone else to get rid of her? You’ve been wanting to teach your aunt a lesson for a long time, right?”

Ian’s face stiffened and he looked down at Nicole.

However, Nicole withdrew her gaze and walked past the crowd.

Her features were bright and there was a faint smile at the corners of her lips, but her smile was extremely cold.

“Mr. Sloan, why didn’t you greet Old Master Carter when you arrived?”

As soon as Nicole spoke, the surrounding people’s mood to watch the show lessened.

There were some who could not continue standing and left one after another.

They were afraid of getting involved and causing trouble.

The moment Clayton saw Nicole, the stern look on his face disappeared without a trace. The corners of his lips curled up warmly with a few hints of exasperation.

“I wanted to, but I couldn’t get away.”

Clayton waved his hand, indicating that he had gotten into this unreasonable trouble.

Nicole looked at Ann, who was standing to the side. Ann also looked at Nicole. As soon as their eyes met, Nicole sensed that Ann was not a simple person.

However, Nicole did not have the mood to probe into the woman’s purpose.

She turned and looked at Claire. “Mrs. Levine, what happened?”

Claire did not know who Clayton was, but she naturally knew who Nicole was.

“N-Nicole, is this your friend?”

There were a few hints of caution in her tone.

Nicole smirked. “Whether or not he’s my friend, can you just slander a person like that?”

Nicole’s words were clearly disrespectful. Claire became anxious.

“What do you know? When did I slander him? Didn’t I just tell the truth? That man was lustful and tried to harass our distinguished guest.”

Nicole’s gaze turned to Clayton. “Harass?”

Clayton’s face was sullen. “You didn’t answer when I called you. I saw a back figure and thought it was you, so I went over and called your name, but it turned out to be a different person. Then, this lady started blabbering like a chatterbox…”


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