The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1402

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1402 Melodramatic Plotline

Beside Riley stood a cold-looking woman. She was tall and thin, and dressed in cool clothes. She wore a black dress, had flaming red lips, and had the style of a tough lady. She dressed like an arms dealer’s thug.

At first glance, everyone was a little confused, especially Mrs. Carter.

She paused before glancing at the crowd. The moment she saw Nicole, she also froze.

The woman beside Riley really looked like Nicole. Beautiful and cool.

Gloomy, too.

Nicole also noticed but did not make a sound. Was it a coincidence?

Julie whispered in her ear.

“Did your mom give birth to twins? Countless melodramatic plotlines already flashed through my brain.”

Nicole rolled her eyes.

“Don’t be ridiculous. My mom only gave birth to me.”

“Then how could this be?”

Julie hesitated to speak.

Nicole casually said a word. “Makeup.”

At first glance, that woman looked very similar to Nicole.

However, only the impression of her appearance looked similar. If carefully surveyed, they were not very alike at all. Their temperament was also very different.

Nicole’ s temperament was cool, but her features were not stiff, and she was also good at smiling to defuse embarrassment.

However, that woman’s temperament was even colder than Nicole’s. It was as if she was

deliberately creating a cold aura. It was too obvious.

Julie saw that something was off and muttered in a low voice.

“Is she targeting you? Should we leave first?”

Nicole said, “It’s Old Master Carter’s birthday. If we leave first, will he still be happy? Even if we just sit here, we have to wait until the event finishes.”

It was fine if it was anyone else. It would be okay to leave.

However, Old Master Carter was different. Their families had many years of friendship and he watched Nicole grow up. How could she be so disrespectful?

Julie did not continue to say anything.

Claire already pulled her darling son for several kisses. It was really rare.

Mrs. Carter was stunned for a moment before quickly regaining her composure.

The woman next to Rley swept her gaze coldly across the room. When she saw Nicole, her eyes lingered for a moment before she withdrew her gaze as if nothing happened.

However, Nicole caught that pause. Mrs. Carter smiled at Rley.

“How were you doing abroad?”

Rley went over to hug her with a distressed expression.

“I was good, but I missed you too much. I specially brought my friend back this time to help my cousin handle the company. By the way, let me introduce you to my friend. This is Ann…”

Rley pulled the cool woman who looked like Nicole up to Mrs. Carter.

“Ann’s family is also in business. Her family is the largest arms group in the West Asia region, and people in the country all fall over themselves wanting to work with their family. She came here because of me!”

Hearing that name, Julie came up to Nicole with certainty.

“That woman is definitely targeting you. She even plagiarized her name from you?”

Ann. How could there be such a coincidence?

Makeup could be imitated, and temperament could be deliberately faked, but how could her name be the same as well?

Did she want to become a second Nicole? Nicole pursed her lips and did not speak.

She was more interested in knowing the purpose of the woman’s arrival.

Claire enthusiastically went over to shake hands with the woman and hugged her, introducing herself.

However, the woman’s interest was not high. She Looked haughty and aloof.

Claire was not angry. On the contrary, she felt like an attitude like that was how a real young lady from a wealthy family looked like.

Mrs. Carter only smiled perfunctorily.

“Is that so? In that case, be a good host to your friend, Riley.”


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