The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1390

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1390 – Male Peitho

Nicole looked at Nathaniel. It was not strange for Yvette to call Julie and Ian here.

However, why did someone as busy as Nathaniel come as well?

“Aren’t you busy now, Mr. Celebrity?”

Nathaniel laughed. “I am. I’m a producer now, so I really feel that the entertainment circle isn’t easy to mingle in. When I’m popular, people want nothing more than to hold me up. When I’ m not popular, they can scold me to d***h!”

Nicole frowned. “What? Why are they scolding you?”

Nathaniel sighed with a sorrowful expression. “It’s hard to explain! ”

Julie smiled from the side and helped Clayton set up the table.

“Why else? Mr. Ferguson is being shipped with another female celebrity, but photos of him sending another woman to the hospital were taken, so he became a veritable scumbag. People are intolerant of such things. It’s only natural that he’ll be scolded!”

Nathaniel’s expression was ugly and disheveled.

He became even more speechless and sad after Julie’s words.

“It’s just a ship tease, but they took it seriously. What was I supposed to do? I never admitted to any relationship with that woman. It was their own imagination! “

This kind of thing was very common in the circle.

Once fans think that an on-screen couple created a spark, they would find evidence of the couple being together.

If he started to deny it, they would say that he was a cheating scumbag. It was not a good measure to grasp.

The higher the expectations of the audience, the more dangerous it was.

Thus, there were very few people who ship teased now. Some people who wanted to be popular desperately took in the benefits and finally announced a peaceful breakup regardless of the danger of speculation.

However, the consequences of doing so could not make the fans satisfied. It was clear at a glance that it was fake.

The female celebrity that was shipped with Nathaniel now had just gotten popular and refused to let go of any hint of fame.

Thus, she begged Nathaniel not to clarify the misunderstanding to his fans.

Nathaniel knew that it was not easy for female artists to mix around in the circle, so he just turned a blind eye.

Who knew that he would be photographed when he sent her to the hospital, and things turned out like this?

It seemed like the whole world was questioning his integrity.

He was a male Peitho and was wrongly accused.

When Nathaniel explained, his fans asked why he did not clarify his relationship with that woman earlier. Explaining himself now just seemed like he was trying to draw a line between them.

There was no end to it. Thus, he gave up explaining.

Nicole understood and laughed. She could picture it.

“Then what are your plans next?” Nathaniel waved his hand.

“ I don’t have plans. I’ll never go on camera again. Can’t I just quit the circle? I’ll move behind the scenes instead. A Young Master like me can’t stand being wronged like this!”

Nathaniel had so much money and had the talent and looks, so why should he suffer these petty annoyances?

The fans scolded him viciously and even wanted the Ferguson family to either come out and apologize or kick him out of the family.

Was Nathaniel so heinous to the point of no redemption?

It was unbelievable.

It was the bitter fruit of cyber violence. He could not serve these kinds of people.

He quit!

Nicole laughed. What a fragile heart.

Nathaniel looked at her. “But how did your third brother manage to mingle in showbiz? How did he turn from spittle to a superstar?”

Nicole looked at him and spoke in a faint voice.

“All of my third brother’s conditions are top-notch. Even if fans wanted to scold him, they wouldn’t be able to find an excuse. After all, Kai is a legitimate homme-fatale, so anything he does is quite forgivable.”

Nathaniel was speechless and thought, ‘Are you mocking me or comforting me?’

He stopped asking.


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