The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1387

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1387 – Miserable Defeat

Inside the meeting room.

Gerard’s face was ashen, and he was at a loss for words.

“How could this happen?”

It was clear that they could win.

If the white car in front had not wanted to win to the point of risking his life, they would have definitely won.

Nicole was not surprised by this result. She had expected this ending.

No matter how excellent the driverless data was, it could not compare to a human ‘s desire to win the championship.

During that situation, the human brain would not be able to react as much as the AI system.

The human would only use his heart to fight and win without regard for anything else.

Nicole took a sip of coffee and knocked on the table, saying in a calm tone.

“$1 million. Remember to transfer it to my account.”

Then, Nicole picked up her bag and prepared to leave.

The test program was over.

Their performance on the road was excellent enough. The driverless car did not need to be devalued because it did not win the racing championship.

This was enough.

Gerard stood up. “Ms. Stanton, let’s eat together. It’s almost time to get off work.”

He looked at Eric and winked. Eric was unfazed.

Nicole took two steps forward and waved. “Pass. I’m going home to eat.”

Gerard saw Eric remain unmoving and was anxious on his behalf.

It was such a good opportunity. Why was Eric not seizing it?

Did he not want to get her back anymore?

Nicole’ s hand just touched the door handle when Eric’s clear and cold voice rang out before she could open the door.

Eric said, “Are you going to Old Master Carter’s birthday party tomorrow?”

Gerard did not expect him to ask that.

His tone was quite amicable, not to the point of being completely detached.

Nicole replied without turning around.

“Of course. I think of him as my grandfather…”

Ian’s grandfather watched Nicole grow up since she was a child.

It was his 8oth birthday, so how could Nicole be absent?

Ian sent the invitation over a few days ago and invited their whole family to attend.

It seemed like the scale of the banquet was very large.

Even without the relationship between Eric and the late Hendrick, in terms of status, they would not dare to ignore Eric either.

However, now that Eric knew that she was going, he had some thoughts in his heart.

Eric did not stop Nicole when she left.

Gerard was not in the mood to care about Eric anymore. He was immersed in his S1 million debt owed to Nicole after g******g.

“How was she so sure that we couldn’t win?” Gerard could not help but ask.

Was she a psychic? That was impossible.

Eric gave him an indifferent look. His voice sounded like it was coated with a layer of ice.

“Don’t be too blind and don’t veer off from our main concept. There has never been a need for machines on the racetrack.”

What they needed to make were intelligent vehicles that could replace drivers, allowing them to free their hands and be safer and more efficient.

There was no need for machines on the racetrack. If a person wanted that kind of excitement, why not just go to the amusement park and play bumper cars?

Eric stood up, fastened the buttons of his suit, and walked out with a cold and stern air around him.

Gerard was speechless.

Nicole went downstairs and waited for less than a minute before Clayton arrived.

Eric, who came downstairs, saw Clayton’s car parked in front of the building.

Eric stood there and did not move.

His eyes were dark and sullen, like the quiet sea before a storm, devoid of waves or ripples.

However, at any moment, a gentle breeze would be able to stir up a huge wave.

Clayton got out of the car and opened the passenger door for Nicole with a smile. Nicole got into the car.

Clayton was not in a hurry to close the door.

He propped one hand on the door, blocking the view of the people behind.

They talked, laughed, and hugged intimately. He even fastened her seatbelt for her.


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