The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1379

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1379 – There’s a Man at Home

Nicole came to her senses in a flash.


Nicole thought that it would take years to get this license. After all, people’s acceptance of new things was not as simple and tolerant as they say.

There were too many factors to consider. Political links and technology standards were all limiting conditions.

Nicole did not expect to get it so quickly!

Once it was approved in the European market, this was the first step for driverless cars. All other constraints could step aside.

When the world was used to driverless cars, their next step would be in Mediania.

That was supposed to be the general layout of the project.

Now, the first step has begun.

Nicole eagerly went barefoot to change her clothes so that she could go to the office to see the firsthand materials.

Clayton rolled up his white shirt sleeves and frowned slightly when he saw that her slender feet were stepping on the cold ground.

“Put on your shoes…”

Clayton bent down to get her slippers.

Nicole still had not hung up yet, so Gerard heard the words clearly.

Gerard froze for a moment and subconsciously looked up. He blurted out the question.

“You’re at home? You have a man at home?”

After asking, Gerard just wanted to bite off his tongue.

Who was he and what right did Gerard have to ask this question?

Eric, who was sitting opposite Gerard silently, had a very gloomy face because of Gerard’s question.

There was a moment of silence on the other side of the phone.

Nicole wanted to scold Gerard for being nosy. She thought, ‘What a psycho! Are we familiar enough to probe into each other’s private lives? Gerard thinks too much of himself!’

Since Gerard told her such explosive good news, Nicole graciously forgave him.

“Yes, my boyfriend is here. Do you want him to go over and take a look?”

After all, Clayton was the main investor in this project.

Gerard was rendered speechless and subconsciously looked at Eric.

Eric had told him to make this call.

As a result, Nicole was not the only one who would go, but she also wanted to bring her boyfriend.

The situation seemed to be a bit out of control.

Nicole winked at Clayton, who stood there and shook his head. He shrugged and pointed to his watch.

Clayton indicated that he had other things to do.

Nicole pouted and thought, ‘Didn’t he say that he’d stay with me all day today? How could he break his promise?’

Clayton walked over and kissed her forehead to appease her.

Gerard could not hear these mood swings over the phone. He smiled and spoke. “Sure, he can come anytime.”

If Clayton comes, then Eric would leave.

It did not matter who comes and who goes anyway.

Nicole went over to the dressing room to get her clothes. She said nonchalantly, “Forget it, he has other things to do. Wait for me at the office.”

After saying that, Nicole hung up the phone first.

Nicole got dressed and came out to see Clayton drying the laundry on the balcony.

‘He’s drying clothes?! ‘ Nicole had a moment of bewilderment.

The balcony had a simple design. Grant had also put a tatami for office use so that Nicole could enjoy the scenery at any time.

Nicole had never hung laundry here before.

Upon closer look, those clothes and sheets were the ones that were changed out last night.

Nicole gasped.

Clayton walked over with his sleeves rolled up, revealing his well-defined forearms.

“What are you looking at?”

Nicole pursed her lips and looked in the direction of the balcony.

“You did laundry?” Clayton nodded his head.

Nicole was puzzled. “But I don’t think I have a washing machine here…”

Grant knew her best, so he never prepared these household appliances for her.

Her clothes would be laundered by a cleaner who came over regularly.


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