The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1373

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1373 – You Want to S********h Me

Nicole’s body trembled fiercely. She unconsciously let out a m**n.

Her voice was extremely soft and seductive. Even she did not expect that she would make such a sound.

After m*****g, Nicole was startled and came to her senses.

The man did not notice her abnormality, but that sound made his blood surge. He was willing to hand his life to her.

His advances intensified. Since his hand was not rejected, Clayton became greedy and wanted to touch more of her. Touching every inch of her skin made his heart tingle. He was completely intoxicated as he caressed her.

Clayton knew that Nicole’s body had a f***l attraction.

The man’s palm soon became hot.

Nicole knew very well that if she did not refuse his advances at this time, it would get out of control.

However, Nicole could not bear to disappoint Clayton.

During the hesitation, the sky spun around, and Nicole was carried to lie on the soft sofa.

Clayton’s eyes were bloodshot and dark, with a strong repressed desire.

The way he looked at her was like he just wanted to take a bite of her.

This was the first time Nicole saw Clayton like this. Her heart panicked, so much so that it was racing. She became nervous.

Nicole pursed her lips. “Clayton… ”

When she spoke, her lips that were bright red from their make-out session seemed so moist and radiant that Clayton could not resist the urge to ask for more.

Just as Nicole wanted to speak again, Clayton suddenly reached out. His fingers stroked her lips. His body was pressed against hers, and his temperament turned colder, which gave off a surreal feeling.

Clayton suddenly lowered his head. The tip of his nose gently rubbed against Nicole’ s. Their breaths intertwined, but he did not advance further.

After a long time, the blood in his eyes gradually faded, and his expression returned to normal. He then reluctantly got up from her body.

Clayton pulled Nicole up again and patiently tidied up her clothes that he had messed up earlier.

Nicole looked at him with her sparkling eyes.

It was very strange that Clayton was clearly about to lose control earlier, yet he managed to hold back again.

They had been dating for so long that Nicole was no longer averse to being intimate with Clayton.

Even if they were to have s*x now, she would not refuse.

It was just that Clayton could still control himself.

This feeling was both titillating and stupefying. Nicole thought, ‘Am I not charming enough?’

As she thought about it, Nicole wanted to verify it. She suddenly pulled his hand, which caught him off guard, then she kissed his Adam’s apple.

When Yvette talked about s*x, she often mentioned that men were particularly sensitive in this region.

As a result, Clayton ‘s body stiffened slightly. His already clear eyes instantly darkened. His eyes suddenly became dark and unpredictable. It seemed like a storm was brewing in them.

He stared intently at Nicole, attempting to seek something from her face.

That look was like a leopard that had spotted its prey.

In the next second, Clayton spun Nicole around and pinned her on the sofa.

This time, Nicole was the one who provoked him first.

He would not have to restrain himself anymore.

Suddenly, a pair of fair and slender hands blocked his chest. If her recently tidied shirt was ripped, she would not be able to wear it again.

Nicole’ s almond eyes were watery as she looked at Clayton with wide eyes that had a hint of joy after a successful experiment. “You wanna s********h me!”

This was an affirmative sentence.

This statement was like a hammer that struck Clayton in the head. He felt dizzy for a moment.

His face changed a few times. He wondered how Nicole’s thoughts turned so fast.

How was he going to answer?

In just a few seconds, a thousand thoughts raced through his mind.


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