The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1368

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1368 – Madam In-Law

Mr. Stewart smiled, “Chairman Stanton, I didn’t expect you to be so enlightened.”

Floyd waved his hand. “If we go up three generations, whose family isn’t a poor farmer? I also came from a farming background, so I don’t care about this. How about this, let’s talk about the bridal gifts that our side will prepare?”

Floyd’s topic jumped a bit too fast that Molly’s parents could not catch up.

“We’ll give Molly 866 million cash, a 300 square-meter villa on the lake as their newly-wed house, a 100 square-meter small apartment in the city center for Molly so that it’s easy to go to and from work. Oh right, there’s jewelry too…”

Floyd was planning to continue talking when Mr. Stewart finally could not help but cough a few times until his face turned red.

“Chairman Stanton, isn’t it too early to talk about this?”

“No, it’s not too early. The more things we give, the more it represents how much we value Molly. Our whole family loves Molly!”
Floyd smiled and looked at Molly.

Molly felt somewhat embarrassed and lowered her head.

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart smiled. They were a little nervous and even a little wary before they came over. After all, they were not in a rush to marry Molly off.

If the Stanton family showed even a bit of arrogance, they would immediately leave.

However, the Stanton family’s enthusiasm exceeded their imagination.

“Maverick is also very excellent. Molly and Maverick are in the same field, but he’s much better than Molly. I heard

that Maverick would get several international awards every year. Some scientists struggle all their lives and can’t even reach Maverick’s level. Such an excellent child liking Molly is really her blessing…”

Hearing Floyd sing praises for Molly, Mr. Stewart felt embarrassed and thought that he should return the favor, so he truthfully complimented Maverick.

Floyd smiled. “It is fate that they can meet each other. With our blessing, they can live happily ever after. In the future, no matter what achievements Maverick makes, it’ll belong to the two of them. Without Molly’s support, how can Maverick concentrate on his research?”

Mrs. Stewart heard this and silently curled the corners of her lips. The smile on her face could no longer be hidden.

She really did not expect this visit to turn out to be so surprising.

Nicole was gentle and kind, not at all the ice queen that she was portrayed as in the news, but more like a beautiful girl-next-door type.

Maverick sat there and smiled slightly. He did not interrupt or rush to show his strengths. He was so calm and dignified.

Although Grant did not speak, he was extremely patient as he sat there and listened attentively. He nodded from time to time and showed due respect but still kept a low profile.

The beautiful woman next to Grant was his wife. Grant’s wife was gentle, beautiful, decent, and elegant.

From time to time, she would smile at Molly sincerely. In the future when Molly marries into the Stanton family, Molly would certainly get along well with everyone.

Mrs. Stewart finally felt at ease after making this visit.

Later in their conversation, Floyd kept calling Mrs. Stewart Madam In-law, so much so that Mr. and Mrs. Stewart felt too embarrassed to refuse.

It seemed that everyone agreed to this relationship. Everyone talked for a while and got a little tired.

Floyd asked Nicole and Aida to accompany Mrs. Stewart to walk around and take a breather while he excitedly dragged Mr. Stewart to the lake at the back to see the fish he raised.

Molly and Maverick went to Maverick’s room because Maverick needed to correct Molly’s research mistakes.


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