The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1364

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Early in the morning. Nicole was still sleeping.

Tigger started to burrow in and bounce around. ”Mama, it’s time to get up!”

Nicole waved away the annoying little tiger.

Tigger persistently called out to her, and finally shouted until her sleepiness faded away.

Mr. Anderson came up, stood outside the door, and knocked on the door gently.

“Miss, are you awake?”

Hearing no movement, Mr. Anderson continued to knock on the door. ”Miss, Chairman said that you should come downstairs earlier so that you won’t be seen by the guests later. That’ll leave a bad impression!”

Nicole sobered up completely and sighed. “Got It!”

When Mr. Anderson heard the reply, he sighed in relief and went downstairs.

Once Nicole gradually awakened, she remembered that Molly’s parents were coming over today.

Floyd must have taken it very seriously.

Nicole immediately went to freshen up, then went to the dressing room to choose a more casual and decent outfit that was not too eye-catching. It was light beige, which made her look fairer and gentler.

When she came downstairs, Floyd was throwing a tantrum.

“Why did Grant go to the office when we have such a big event at home?! Does he not value anything other than the company?!”
Mr. Anderson spoke with a smile at the side.

“Eldest Young Master left early in the morning. Before he left, he said that he’ll come back as soon as he’s done settling some matters.”

When Nicole went downstairs, she saw that the servants were busy packing up. There was even some new furniture. The antique vases were replaced with tasteful art that made one seem very cultured.

Where was the previous vase that was worth tens of millions of dollars thrown to?

Nicole stood there for a few minutes and looked at Floyd speechlessly.

“Is this really necessary? Why don’t we just change a venue then, I bought a house that’s decorated very simply with a literary style.”

Floyd glared at her.

“What do you know?! It’s not like Molly hasn’t been here before. It’s already too late for us to change a venue at the last minute, so we can only make do with this first…”

“But what about the vase that was placed here? Grant spent tens of millions of dollars to bid for it from an auction abroad. What about the wine cooler and other decorations? Are they all gone?”

Nicole frowned and looked around. Everything was so different.

Floyd paused.

“Molly’s family are an intellectual family, so of course, they don’t value money. We can’t be so extravagant. Otherwise, they’ll think that we’re showing off our wealth! Your brother is also an intellectual, so we have to try to be on par with them!”

Mr. Anderson sweated profusely as he moved a bookshelf to the place where the wine cabinet was originally placed.

“Chairman, is this okay?”

Floyd looked satisfied, but he then frowned. “It feels empty…”

Nicole laughed.

“There are no books on the bookshelf, so of course, it’s empty!”

Floyd suddenly realized it and immediately looked at Mr. Anderson. “Quick, get someone to get the books in the study and put them here!”

Without saying a word, Mr. Anderson took someone upstairs.

Nicole speechlessly went to the kitchen. She woke up and felt a little hungry.

As a result, there was nothing in the kitchen. “Where’s breakfast?”

Floyd said nonchalantly as he stood on the steps with a commanding aura as he directed the servants around to move the furniture.

“Don’t eat first. Just drink some milk if you’re hungry. How can they have time to cook?”

Nicole was speechless.

As Floyd was talking, the sound of a car engine came from outside.

Nicole looked out the window and saw Aida in a navy-blue Chanel suit. Aida walked in, looking slender and elegant with a very lovable and extremely gentle smile.

“Lil N, you haven’t eaten yet, right? I made some snacks at home. Do you guys want to try some?”


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