The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1352

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1352 – Pack Them up and Take Them Home

After today, these things that should have been gnawing at Clayton’s heart suddenly dissipated as he stood here at this moment.

It was like a cloud of smoke.

Clayton had no family, but Nicole became his family. How nice!

Nicole stood there, admiring the famous paintings on the wall.

Several of these paintings were authentic pieces from the auction.

Nicole turned her head and smiled at the Vice President.

“Please send me a list of all the employees above the middle and senior levels, including their family backgrounds and personal information. You’re right, I’ll have to re-examine them.”

The Vice President immediately nodded his head.

“Sure, no problem. I’ll have the secretary bring it over here.” Clayton smiled and turned back.

“Vice President, my father is still considered a shareholder and not completely disconnected. Aren’t you afraid that he’ll come back to deal with you?”

The Vice President froze for a moment.

He looked at Clayton with a deep gaze. He was older than Clayton by more than twenty years and had an even better understanding of the world.

“Clayton, do you know why I have come this far but only remain as the Vice President?” Clayton looked straight at him.

The two people’s eyes met. It seemed like they could see through each other.

The Vice President said, “If the company does well, I’ll get more benefits. I’m not the type who can charge into battle, so someone else has to lead us into battle.”

If not, then everyone could only sit together and wait for d***h. Otherwise, he would change their leader.

Anyway, the last thing that the world was lacking was competitive people.

He was not a foolish loyalist.

Would Quavon Sloan turn around and deal with him? No, he would not.

That was because he did not betray Quavon. It was Isaac’s stupidity and the countless shareholders who were unhappy with the company that caused this.

Even if Quavon had to hate someone, he would only hate Nicole and Clayton.

Everyone else would have to stand in line.

Clayton raised his eyebrows, indicating that he understood. The Vice President was truly a smart person.

Nicole smiled. “Vice President, shall we eat together later?”

The Vice President looked at Clayton and smiled. “No, you guys can go ahead. I won’t bother you. If you still need help here, just look for me.”

Nicole did not force the request and nodded her head. Such a Vice President had the most sense of proportion. He did not care for sentiment and only looked at the benefits.

Nicole brought him more benefits, so he was committed to her.

Once the Vice President left, Nicole, Clayton, Logan, and Luca were left in the office.

Nicole finally relaxed and seriously admired the artwork on the wall.

She laughed. “It’s really nice! When I leave, I’ll pack these and take them home with me!”

Logan echoed behind her. “Okay!”

In the next second, a cool body wrapped around Nicole from behind. He placed his chin on her shoulder and his hands around her thin waist. They looked ambiguously intimate.

Clayton had wanted to do this for a long time.

Nicole’s body stiffened slightly.

Behind them, Logan coughed and walked out.

Logan looked at Luca, who was standing in the corner staring at the two people who were embracing intimately. Logan immediately wanted to pull Luca along.

However, Luca did not want to leave like that. How could Luca let Nicole leave his line of sight? That was too unprofessional!

Logan used all his strength, but Luca was unmoved.

Logan had no choice but to go out by himself. ’Sorry, President… I tried my best!’

Nicole did not move. Clayton’s warm and refreshing faint scent smelled very nice and was inexplicably reassuring.

Clayton did not just hug Nicole. His lips pecked the back of her neck. Originally, Clayton just wanted a small taste, but gradually, his hands started to wander.

Nicole knew that Luca was still around and did not want to be watched doing such things.

She immediately stopped Clayton’s hand and lowered her voice.

“Don’t move. Otherwise, Luca might just come up and bite you!”


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