The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1345

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1345 – Let Me In

Clayton walked to the front and inadvertently saw Nicole. He raised an eyebrow.

Nicole looked away as if nothing happened. This kind of occasion was not suitable for catching up.

She came to Liberty without contacting Clayton because she intended to settle this matter before telling him.

At the end of the day, Quavon was Clayton’s father, so it was too cruel to watch himself do this.

Nicole did not expect to meet Clayton right here.

However, it also made sense. How could Clayton not show up?

It was not like he could really stay out of it.

Nicole wanted to pretend not to know Clayton, but Clayton had already walked up to her side.

His voice was low and gentle, a familiarity that Nicole had not heard in a long time.

“Please let me sit inside.” Nicole’s body stiffened.

She pursed her lips, and only then did she realize that the seat next to her was empty.

For a moment, her face felt a little hot.

There seemed to be only two empty seats in the first few rows. It did not seem appropriate for him to sit in the back either.

Nicole immediately stood up and made way for him to go in.

However, before Nicole could stand up, Clayton placed his hands on her shoulders.

His voice was deep as he chuckled. ’there’s enough space. I can get in.”

The seating arrangement in the conference center was not compact, so there was enough space behind Nicole for a fat man to pass by.

Only then did Nicole react and shot him a speechless glare.

Clayton was amused when he saw that Nicole was angry. His eyes were warm because she finally showed some familiarity.

It was much better than pretending not to know him.

The others were only talking about the purpose of Clayton’s arrival and did not notice the interaction between Clayton and Nicole.

Only Luca and Logan were secretly watching from the side, and they dared not speak.

Once Clayton sat down, Quavon’s expression on the stage obviously looked much better.

Quavon thought, ’He said that he doesn’t care, but can he really stay out of it? A declining big conglomerate is still better than a small company no matter what. Sloan Corporation is such a big piece of meat, so who doesn’t want a bite of it?’

The Vice President on the stage looked at Clayton meaningfully and swept a glance at Nicole before finally withdrawing his gaze.

“Since everyone is here, we’ll start today’s meeting. First of all, in view of Sloan Corporation’s current situation, the board of directors of Sloan Corporation unanimously decided to convene this meeting today to discuss the future of the Sloan Corporation together. During this period, two-thirds of the shareholders propose to be acquired to ease the current situation. Is there anyone here who opposes this resolution?”

Most people were in agreement. Otherwise, they would not have come to this point.

However, Quavon still insisted on his objection.

“As long as someone takes over and can solve Sloan Corporation’s trouble in time. What’s the point of talking about an acquisition? We’re such a large conglomerate. Aren’t you afraid that people will laugh at us if we get acquired? Can Sloan Corporation still have a foothold in Liberty then?”

The people below responded with laughter.

“Chairman Sloan, that’s still better than Sloan Corporation declaring bankruptcy. That’s when people will laugh…”

“Yes, Chairman Sloan. It’s a global trend nowadays. No company will be able to stand firm forever. You should just let things take their course!”

’that’s right. The only way out for Sloan Corporation is to be acquired. Otherwise, how will you solve all those liabilities?”

“Acquisition is still the best choice. Our company offers generous terms, Chairman Sloan. You can consider us…”

The people below had the mood of watching a good show as they persuaded Quavon to change his mind.

The Vice President on the stage saw this and cleared.

“How about this, all shareholders can vote by a show of hands. Those who agree to be acquired, raise your hand!”


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