The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1339

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1339 – For Her Son

Clayton hung up the phone and looked at his assistant. The assistant said, “It’s Mrs. Sloan.”

It was Quavon’s legal wife, a woman of noble birth with a strong family background.

From the moment Clayton entered the Sloan family, he was forced to accept the cold eyes of the Sloan family.

However, Clayton had only seen Mrs. Sloan a few times. That woman lived in her own home most of the time, and her marriage with Quavon was only an exchange of interests. There were no personal feelings involved.

After Mrs. Sloan gave birth to Liam, she finished her task and never stepped foot in the Sloan family again.

She had no disgust, persecution, resentment, or liking for Clayton. She was just indifferent. She was indifferent to everyone in the Sloan family.

Usually, in instances where children were born out of wed lock, the wife in the affluent family would either give the illegitimate children a sum of money to send them off or send the illegitimate child to a remote place.

Very few people could allow an illegitimate child to live in their main residence. That was because no woman could tolerate the existence of illegitimate children.

An illegitimate son like Clayton was considered a humiliation and threat to Mrs. Sloan.

However, she did not care in the least. They only met a few times.

The first time they met was when Clayton joined the family.

The second time they met was when Liam died.

That was all Clayton remembered.

Seeing that Clayton was Frozen in thought, the assistant cleared his throat and spoke up from the side.

“Mr. Sloan, will you meet her?”

Clayton pursed his lips. “Yes invite her in.”

Not long after, a woman wearing an expensive dress from an unknown brand walked in. Her demeanor was elegant through and through.

She looked the same as she did back then. Her face had not changed at all, despite nearing her fifties. Even Quavon was showing signs of old age, but this woman was as elegant as ever.

Clayton stood up and looked at her. Then, he very gentlemanly walked to the side and pulled out the chair for her.

The woman thanked him and sat down.

Clayton sat back down opposite her.

The woman’s gaze re-examined Clayton’s face carefully for a full minute before she exhaled and withdrew her gaze.

“My apologies. Liam said that you brothers look alike, but I’ve forgotten what he looks like.”

Although her words were said in a light-hearted manner, there was a loneliness that could not be concealed.

Clayton’s gaze flickered slightly. His face tightened when he heard Liam’s name.

“Did you come here because you needed something?”

The woman smiled. She took out a document from her bag and handed it over.

Clayton looked at it. His eyes widened. “You want to transfer your shares to me?” The woman nodded.

“The Sloan family is falling. It’s clear that their days are numbered. After Isaac’s accident, Quavon’s heart is in turmoil, and the people in the company aren’t united. It’s only a matter of time before they’re done for. These shares were one of the conditions given as an exchange of interests when Quavon and I reached a marriage alliance. 0%, plus the scattered shares of the other shareholders, should be enough for you to gain a foothold in Sloan Corporation.”

Clayton’s gaze was dark. He was silent for a few seconds before speaking.

“I don’t understand. Why are you giving this to me? Even if I have this 20%, I can’t win the support of others. I have no desire to gain a foothold in Sloan Corporation anyway.”

The woman looked at him and smiled. Her tone was light.

“I know. This 20% was originally supposed to be for Liam. This is also the only thing that I can give to him since he’s part of the Sloan family. Since he’s d**d, I’ll give it to you instead. You’re raising his son, so he should be willing to let you have it.”

Clayton’s eyes sank. He did not understand why this woman did not seem to have much sadness when she mentioned Liam.



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