The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1337

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1337 – Sense of Crisis

Luca opened the door for her, and Nicole bent down and got in.

Soon, the car left.

Dominic sighed in relief. His legs almost gave out.

“Why is that lady always angry? Didn’t Kai say his sister is the best-tempered person in the world?”

Dominic really wondered how Kai grew up.

To the side, Maddox pursed his lips. “Mr. Young, does Ms. Stanton not like me? Can I still make my debut?”

Dominic patted his shoulder and comforted him.

“It’s fine. Ms. Stanton is a devoted person. She hasn’t broken up with her boyfriend yet, so she can’t pass through that hurdle in her conscience. You have to have confidence in yourself. Your chance will come when she breaks up.”

Maddox was speechless.

Nicole was right to scold Dominic. He really never learned from his mistakes!

In the car.

Kai looked at the silent Nicole and secretly felt a little guilty.

He was just about to take out his phone to delete the video from this social media when he suddenly saw Nicole open up her social media.

His heart sank in an instant. Kai quickly moved away.

However, he heard the sound of the music from the video. There was only one thought in Kai’s heart. ’Oh, sh”t!’

Nicole’s brows were deeply furrowed. Her anger had not dissipated yet after scolding Dominic, but now, Kai provoked her again.

When she saw the caption, the fire in her heart could not help but surge.

Kai saw that the situation was not good. If not for the fact that they were on the road and the car was driving quite fast, he would have wanted to jump out of the car.

His lips twitched. “Uh… I just wanted to show off my brilliant sister! Your excellence should be seen by more people!”

Nicole gave him a sideways glance. Her gaze was clear and cold like she wanted to k**l him.

Kai pursed his lips. “Don’t worry, only a few of our good friends can see it. No one else can.”

Later, Kai added, “I’ll delete it now.”

Kai deleted the video in a few taps. His hands already began to shake.

He also showed the phone to her to prove that he did not lie.

Nicole was still angry, but she waited until the moment they got out of the car.

’Don’t even try to escape.’ Nicole thought.

Kai realized that his skills were not as good as hers and immediately surrendered.

“The cruise ship you wanted is already on the way! Can you spare me?”

Finally, they arrived at Stanton Mansion.

The butler was watering the flowers with a hose.

To the side, Floyd was weeding the grass. They both looked like they were in a good mood.

The car entered.

The butler threw down the hose. ”The Young Lady is back…”
The next second.

Nicole got out of the car. She lifted her feet and walked in front. Her eyes trained straight ahead.

Her expression seemed to scream “don’t mess with me”. Kai followed her sloppily from behind.

The atmosphere between these two people seemed off.

Suddenly, when Kai walked to the side of the fountain, Nicole stopped.

She suddenly took two steps back with great speed. Then, she lifted her leg and kicked him.

Barn— Water splashed in the fountain. The crowd watched in shock.

This pair of siblings had a love-hate relationship. Why did she suddenly make a move?

The butler stood there, dumbfounded. Nicole ran away after kicking him.

She did not give Kai a chance to fight back.

Kai struggled up from the fountain. He looked wretched and hilarious, but it still did not diminish his handsomeness.

He paused and looked at Floyd, who was watching the show not far away.

“Dad, you saw how she hit me right?! You have to help me…”

Floyd smiled faintly. ”I didn’t see it. Why don’t you let her hit you again?”

Kai was speechless. ’Fine. I made a fool of myself again…’


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