The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1329

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1329 – It’s Not Too Late to Regret

Molly stood there without saying a word.

However, from Nicole’s angle, she could see that the corners of Molly’s eyes were red and moist.

Nicole looked at Maverick and gave him a look. ’What are you waiting for? Strike while the iron is hot!’

Maverick paused and took a step forward. He put one hand in his pocket as if he was about to take something out.

Nicole and Kai watched nervously and excitedly. Was he proposing?

That was really a pleasant surprise! Nicole did not teach him to do that.

She did not expect Maverick’s brain, which was full of formulas, to be able to read between the lines.

What a skill!

Molly swallowed her saliva. Although she did not speak, there was a hint of nervousness in her expression, as well as expectation.

Maverick came up to her, and under everyone’s eyes, slowly got down to his knees.

Everyone was instantly shocked. Even Kai froze.

The next second, Maverick pulled Molly’s hand and took a deep breath.

He took out something from his pocket and put it in Molly’s palm.

Nicole and Kai stiffened.

It was too late to retrieve their excited looks. Molly also had the same dumbstruck expression.

The item in her palm was not the ring she imagined.

It was a bank card.

This gift was really incomprehensible!

Nicole and Kai exchanged a glance. Nicole silently retreated two steps away.

If Molly got angry again, Nicole was not going to help.

Maverick’s move was too abnormal. He was a lost cause! Maverick said, “This is all the cash prizes I won after I met you. It represents all my honor. Although I didn’t get to buy a ring for you, I can give you my glory, which is more eternal than a ring.”

Molly quietly held the bank card tightly.

She seemed to be moved.

This scene was something she never dared to dream of.

To her, Maverick was someone whose name was in textbooks. His name was published in international journals, and he was an unreachable g*d-like existence.

However, this g*d was unexpectedIy kneeling in front of her.

Molly suddenly felt like it would be insensitive if she refused him again.

She pursed her lips and asked him, “How much money is in here? Is it enough to buy a ring?”

Maverick was stunned before he smiled.

A bit of joy colored his clear and gentle face, and the corners of his lips curled up.

“It’s enough!”

Nicole and Kai looked on in shock.

Kai said, “She compromised? Why is Molly so easy to coax?”

Nicole said, “Yeah, I thought they would definitely break up…”

Molly pulled Maverick up from the ground, and Maverick hugged her gently. The joy of regaining something he lost was unconcealed in his face.

Maverick wanted to lower his head to k**s Molly, but he suddenly realized that there were outsiders present, so he did not.

He raised his brows and looked at his nosy siblings. “You two, get out.”

Nicole and Kai were speechless.

Nicole cleared her throat and threw down a sentence before leaving.

“Molly, it’s still not too late to regret it…” Then, Nicole and Kai very sensibly walked out.

Kai clicked his tongue twice and let loose as soon as he went out.

“It’s over?”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him. “What else do you want?”

Kai shook his head and thought, ’If this was Julie, she’ll torture me half to d***h! Molly’s such a kind and understanding girl!’

“This is even more melodramatic than idol dramas. Even the writers don’t dare to write about it. She forgave him just because he got on his knees. What about in the future?”

Nicole said, “Well, it depends on who’s the one kneeling. If i t was you, I think it’ll only be enough if there are spikes added below your knees!”

After all, Maverick’s knees were definitely worth more!


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