The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1326

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1326 – Idol Drama Plot

The service staff answered with a smile and arranged for someone to pick out the dress.

Molly looked at Nicole nervously. “Do I have to try them on? What about you?”

“I currently have no intention of wearing a wedding dress, so forget it, but you can try…”

Nicole paused. “If you don’t want to, we can get a model to wear it on your behalf so you can see what it’s like, but there’s no sense of participation in that. Wedding dresses are different from other clothes. You have to wear them yourself to know. You can ask someone to wear them for you later if you get tired!”

Molly was speechless.

She still found it weird why she was suddenly trying on wedding dresses.

She only wanted to come in to see what it was like.

However, they were really too beautiful. Molly was hopelessly immersed in the beauty of the world’s top wedding dresses.

’Nevermind, I’ll just try them out! What’s the harm anyway?’ Molly thought.

Thinking that way, Molly looked at Nicole and nodded. She handed Tigger over to Nicole and ran into the fitting room.

Once inside, there was actually a service staff in the fitting

“Hello, distinguished guest, may I help you change your clothes?”

Wow, the service here was really thoughtful and could not be more comprehensive.

However, Molly did not have the habit of letting others watch as she changed her clothes.

Maybe the people in the exhibition hall were afraid that she would damage the dresses.

Molly shook her head tentatively. “I can wear it myself.”

The staff smiled without hesitation.

“Sure, I’ll wait for you outside. Please call me if you need any assistance.”

Then, the staff retreated.

Molly let out a long sigh. It was really amazing!

She held back her inner excitement and began to try on the wedding dresses.

Nicole sat to the side, eating a small snack, and leisurely watching the display video given to her by the service staff. She swiped the screen in dissatisfaction.

The next second, a man suddenly sat beside her. He picked up the snack, tasted it, and threw it aside in disgust.

“It’s not as good as the one Carol makes!”

Nicole looked at him in exasperation. “Why are you here?” It was Kai.

’Didn’t he say that he was going to discuss business with Dominic in the office?’ Nicole thought.

Kai smiled meaningfully.

“I was joking. This has to do with Mav’s wedding. How can I not participate? I only got him to bring me here because I kept pestering him.”

Nicole lowered her head and continued to watch the video, not intending to pay him any attention.

Kai was very excited. “What do you think would be the best way to have them meet later? Accidentally go into the wrong dressing room? Bumping into each other right as they finish changing and come out? Or…”

Nicole looked at him speechlessly with disdain.

“K, can you change your idol drama plot? What era do you live in? It’s so tacky!”

Kai looked at her and felt attacked.

“Tacky?! Don’t all girls love dramas like that?”

Nicole shook her head firmly.

“Only junior high students will like it. We’re all grown-ups now. It seems like you really don’t understand girls. How did Julie even fall for someone like you?”

The double blow made Kai’s face taut. His expression became unpleasant and sad.

“Stop talking.”

It was a blow coming from his own sister.

Kai thought, ’Why did Julie act so happy and excited every time I prepared a surprise? Could she be faking it?’

Kai could not help but have some doubts. He fell deep into thought.

Nicole was silent, then wondered if she had gone too far earlier. She felt uncomfortable to see Kai being upset.

She cleared her throat.

“I think that you and Julie are a match made in heaven. You two are the epitome of the phrase ’love is blind’!”

Kai rolled his eyes at her. His tone was cold. “Shut up.”

Nicole touched her nose. “K.”


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