The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1314

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1314 – I Miss You

When lan shouted, the three ladies could not chat anymore.

They went over and picked a horse each. They were all very satisfied, especially Nicole. She immediately took a fancy to a brown thoroughbred horse inside.

The manager led the horse out for her to take a closer look. It was really beautiful from top to bottom.

Its fur was smooth and shiny. Its neck was long and slender, and its body shape was simply like a work of art.

It was just stunning.

“Ms. Stanton, this is the thoroughbred horse that Mr. Sloan had specially sent over. It has had a very pure pedigree since three generations ago. This horse also took part in the national competition when it was young and won the championships. It has always been regarded as the top seed for horse racing.”

No wonder!

Nicole marveled secretly. At a glance, it was clear that there was something different about this horse. It had a noble and unattainable look.

“I’ll take this one. Is it docile?”

“Don’t worry. It’s a little impish, but it never gets cranky.”

Nicole nodded. “I’ll get change first.”

She did not change her clothes in advance. Her attire now was clearly not very suitable.

The manager to the side said, “I’ll lead you there. The changing room is this way…”

Nicole changed her clothes and came out. The others were already riding happily in the field.

Kai picked an Arabian horse that was very active on the field.

The horse seemed to deliberately go against Kai, bumping up and down constantly and making Kai sweat in anger.

Ian and Yvette laughed from the side. The two of them rode exceptionally docile horses. They stayed a few meters away from Kai for fear of accidentally injuring themselves.

Julie rode her horse while she watched from the side, slightly nervous but also wanting to laugh.

Nicole smiled. Suddenly, the manager brought her phone and handed it over.

“Ms. Stanton, your phone.” Nicole took it. “Thanks.”

She glanced at it. It was from Clayton. She switched it to video call and picked up.

Nicole’s eyes curved into a smile. In the daylight, her skin looked supple and bright.

“Mr. Sloan, guess where I am now?”

Clayton was stunned for a moment at her joyous laughter before laughing along.

He did not even have to guess. He looked at the scenery behind her, deliberately delayed for a few seconds, and kept her in suspense.

“Are you out on a business trip again?”

Nicole rolled her eyes at him and flipped her hair.

“Have you ever seen someone so happy on a business trip?”

Nicole could not hold back her bright smile. She reversed the video feed to the rear camera so that Clayton could see the people in the field.

“We’re at the arena!”

Clayton laughed. His laughter was bright and low. Just listening to it made her feel much more relaxed.

He was in a foreign country, and he was worried that Nicole would be too concerned about the Sloan family’s movements and her body would be unable to take it.

However, it seemed now like he worried too much.

“Which horse did you pick?”

Nicole excited Iy pointed the camera to the horse on the side. The manager held it for her and checked the equipment.

“This horse is so stunning! I fell in love with it at first sight. It’s fantastic!”

Across the screen, Clayton could feel the excitement and thrill in Nicole’s words.

It seemed like this gift was really worth it.

“You have a good eye. I took a fancy to that horse a year ago. He was extraordinarily outstanding among the horses his age. I bought him secretly at that time.”

Nicole was shocked for a moment. “A year ago?”

Clayton nodded, happy to share his past experiences with her.

“But then I forgot about it. Since you mentioned wanting to ride a horse, I remembered that I still had a horse that was kept in someone else’s place, so I asked for it back recently. Fortunately, it was well taken care of!”


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