The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1312

Read The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Chapter 1312 – The Road to D***h

Eric’s eyes were dark as he glanced at Logan. “Get lost…”

Then, Eric picked up the check and tore it up in front of Logan’s eyes.

This check was just an insult to Eric’s dignity.

Logan paused for half a second and no longer hesitated to turn around and leave.

Logan was afraid that if he did not leave soon, Eric would backtrack.

As soon as Logan left, he immediately called Nicole to report his progress.

“President, it’s done!” There was not much to say.

Nicole smiled. “Alright, go back.”

Logan sighed in relief and got into the car to leave.

In the afternoon, the sun was shining brightly, and the breeze was blowing against the treetops with the only bit of coolness left in spring.

Under Clayton’s urging, Nicole called a few friends and went over to the address he gave.

Julie and Yvette went there directly.

Ian made a detour and drove over to pick Nicole up in his car.

The butler was still not at ease with Nicole leaving the house. Although Luca was going with her, the butler still felt like it was not enough.

However, Floyd was more open-minded. “Go, go, go. You’ll be bored if you stay at home all day. Go and take a breathes outside.”

Nicole happily changed into casual attire and brought Kai, who shamelessly insisted on tagging along, with her. They got into Ian’s car.

Ian suddenly laughed when he saw Nicole’s smiling face.

“Lil N, I thought your family lost several hundred million in that Sand City project, so you’d tear up and lose weight, but you surprisingly gained weight instead!”

In an instant, the car fell silent.

Kai looked at Ian in shock. He was just seeking his own d***h.

After just a few days of not meeting, Ian was inching closer to the path of d***h.

Nicole’s smile froze on her face and slowly faded.

She glared at Ian with a slightly sunken gaze, and her tone was tinged with some coldness.

“I heard that Terrence Zabel’s daughter, Adeline, still hasn’t given up on you and is looking for people everywhere so she can meet you. It seems like I should help her out.”

Ian’s mood of watching a good show was instantly swept away. He became slightly gloomy.

“Lil N, you’re so cruel! I just forgot about that matter before I came to hang out with you guys.”

Nicole stroked her hair and grunted carelessly.

“Hmph! It’s not too late for you to leave. You were asking for your own d***h!”

That beautiful face held an expression that refused to yield,

and Ian knew that he could not argue with her. He chose to shut up.

Kai finished watching the show and laughed from the side.

“I heard that Adeline’s divorced, but I haven’t seen her. What does she look like? If she’s pretty…”

Before Kai could finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Ian.

“If she’s pretty, then you take her! Do you want her? I won’t want her even if she looks like a goddess!”

Ian spoke excitedIy. He did not even want to mention it.

Nicole looked at Kai. “Stop messing with him. He’s driving!”

Kai raised his hands in surrender. “Okay, take it easy, Second Young Master Carter. Drive properly.”

He patted Ian’s shoulder to comfort him. At the location.

There were empty lots all around, and not far away was a park that had been abandoned long ago.

However, according to the address, there would be an iron- wrought gate ahead. Nicole wondered what was inside the tall walls.

Nicole was curious and took off her sunglasses to look around.

Kai clicked his tongue. “This is the place?”

He seemed to know what this place was originally used for. Before Nicole could ask, the gate at the entrance opened.

“Ms. Stanton, Ms. Nixon and Ms. Quimbey have already entered. This way, please…”

They drove inside.

Nicole got out of the car.

Yvette and Julie had already changed their clothes and were sitting on the massage chair in the shade, enjoying a massage.


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